Keratin Earth

The whispers of keratin hair treatment got to me, so I bought Keratin Earth when the Today Show offered a special deal. I researched a little first, but mostly just got the impression that Keratin Earth gave their product to a bunch of bloggers when it was released, they all loved it, surprise, surprise and then it was never heard from again.  Until now. Like I said, I wanted it, I bought it, so this is my experience with Keratin Earth.


The special was something like $30 for a 30-day supply (but there’s plenty to last through at least two more). It’s an at-home, supposedly organic treatment. Was I expecting miracles? No. Was I mostly just hoping it didn’t make my hair fall out? Yes.


Here’s the quick and stinky:


Was it easy to use? Yes.


How long did the process take? About two hours? It requires multiple showers, but my hair takes an hour to straighten, so someone who’s better at it or has shorter hair might not take so long.


Did your hair fall out or turn green? Not yet.


Did it smell delicious like they say? In my opinion, no.  Does anyone like that rotten egg/permy smell? No? Okay then. The final conditioning step wasn’t so bad, but it didn’t mask the stench from the straightening cream.


Did it make your hair soft? Yes.


Did it make your hair limp? No.


Did it make your hair straight? Well, here’s the thing…and here’s where the “quick” ends…


My issue with the bloggers who initially reviewed the product is that they were like, OMG, MY HAIR IS STRAIGHT! Well,  girl, you just spent (in my case) an hour straightening it! The initial process wasn’t necessarily easier than without it.


I got caught in the rain that night and it didn’t stay stick straight (and it really made the smell come out again), but it potentially stayed straighter and less frizzy than it would have normally. The next day, I went to spin – and again, the smell – and showered, washed my hair with their shampoo and conditioner (and I realized the shampoo has a bit of the stinky stink to it too) and straightened it again – trying to “train” it straight I guess!


The difference I did notice was that it was softer and didn’t get as oily as usual when I straighten it.  I didn’t resort to a ponytail and it still looked good after a few skipped washes. When I did wash it again and wore it naturally, guess what? It wasn’t straight! Anyone surprised? I wasn’t.


It’s my understanding that keratin defrizzes and makes hair soft and I would say that, yes, it did that. Most treatments don’t try to claim to straighten, but Keratin Earth’s Step 2 is literally called Straightening Treatment, but it’s not.


After about a week I got really sick of the smell of the special shampoo and conditioner and switched back to normal, so if that was my mistake, I will take the blame, but my ultimate review is that Keratin Earth is a harmless, but unhelpful product. It was a waste of time because it really didn’t do anything that I couldn’t have done without the extra steps and smell.

One thought on “Keratin Earth

  1. I just ordered the same special offer. I’m not looking to straighten my hair but just to reconstruct my hair, it’s VERY damaged. As a hairstylist, I like to try different product lines so I have feedback for my clients. Keratin is a natural protein of which your hair is made up of and when your hair is weak, it’s lacking protein (or in another word, keratin); the only way to strengthen your hair is to give it what it’s missing. Anything natural doesn’t smell the greatest but at least we know it doesn’t contain harmful chemical/substance that can harm your hair. Everybody’s hair is different, the one thing that any head of hair has in common is that it needs protein.

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