The Fastest Half-Mile in the West

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. I actually said it today because as much as I love my birthday month of August, I’m happy to see September and I’ve got some high hopes! But first, to finish August, in addition to my hot yoga sesh last night, I had one more little thing to do …

In July, I had no running goals..honestly, no real fitness goals at all except to take the pup for a long walk every morning or evening when it was cooler (you know, like 95 degrees) and get to the gym three times a week. In July I ran all of TWO miles. In August, it was time to get a little more serious and since I was starting up running again, I decided 35 miles was a good place to start.

Rigs takes after me in this sense…he must have gotten his run-like-the-wind gene elsewhere!

Running was not on my schedule for yesterday, but I added up my miles and was at 34.5! That’s just too close to not actually get there! And, yeah, I really did just run a half-mile, BUT I came home from yoga and my dog was being a crazypants, so even though it was still really hot and sunny out, I decided he could come along AND he picked the pace.

He runs like it’s the best and easiest thing in the world, so it was a tough half-mile (for me). And yes, I realize that not only are there athletes able to run a whole mile in the amount of time it took me to run my half, but there are super athletes who can run 26 consecutive miles at just about that my-half-mile-is-their-full-mile pace, but damn if it didn’t feel like a full-on sprint to me (3:56 for anyone keeping track)! A little butt-kicking every now and then is a good thing to remind myself what I’m capable of if I don’t let the mind games take over.

One of my high hopes for September is to get back in official training mode to help me prepare for my upcoming races – four 5Ks, one 10-miler and one half-marathon all before the end of the year! – so I joined the September Miles Madness Challenge! Ashley (She Runs Strong) and Cait (The Arty Runner Chick) made a bet to see whose team could run the most miles in September. All the runners have to do is pick a side and run their little hearts out!

I’m sure Cait is great, but Ashley is a Phoenix-area running and lifestyle coach and very involved with Girls on the Run Maricopa County…no contest! I’ve got a lot of miles on my training plan this month, plus I’m a smidge competitive, so…Go Team!

Are you running in September? Join me! Or join Team Cait and let’s get ready to rumble!


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