Visible Hope

Today I’m blogging an image of visible hope for Invisible Illness Awareness Week.

It was finally time to look closer at my chronic neck pain and last week I had an MRI that showed degenerative disc and facet disease and other side effects caused by swelling and inflammation aka arthritis.

I’m glad I finally have an answer. It’s very new and I wasn’t even going to share until I got a better feel for it, but I found out about Invisible Illness Week from Lauren’s blog and wanted to contribute my pic.

My plan for now – as I continue to learn more – is movement.  I love yoga and I feel strong when I practice and that is my visible hope!


4 thoughts on “Visible Hope

  1. Um, so I am strarting to have neck pain, as well. How ironic. I remember reading the post you linked to above about the technique they used that caused the red splotches that helped. Mine is on my right side, and goes from the base of my skull into my trap. I had an x-ray yesterday, and have no evidence of spinal misalignment of disc deterioration, so that’s good news. I do show evidence of muscle spasms and tightness, and I just don’t know what I did to cause it! How frusterating. So my rx was a few steroid shots and more PT. Here I go again! I really hope you are able to find a way to slow the progression and/or lessen the pain! Stay strong and active, and know that you are not alone 🙂

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