Yoga and Compromise

#myfriendsaremarried is awesome and so very true-to-life and apparently that’s how my brain is functioning now, so in #mfam style, here’s how my workouts have been going lately…

When my body just screams, YOGA, but my race calendar is jammed.

This Saturday I’m doing a charity walk with my family for my sister’s job.  She’s eight months pregnant and is calling it a waddle.

Then on Saturday night, I’m doing the Neon Splash Dash, my first real 5K of the season. Then Sister City 5K in three weeks, then three more weeks until my third half-marathon at the Fiesta Bowl Half on December 2, Hot Chocolate 5K on December 9 and the Athleta 10-miler on December 16! Then I yoga!

I’m actually keeping yoga in about three times a week, so it’s not a huge sacrifice and I really want to get my running level back up, plus I’m doing a lot of those races with friends, which I’ve found to be more fun, so that’s good motivation in itself!


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