The FIRST Neon Splash Dash

Okay, so “official” race kick off went off and wasn’t super official (not timed, but I ran the whole course, which is better than I’ve been in training and it felt great), but the Neon Splash Dash was super fun. What better way to start race season than running with friends in the dark and getting splashed with neon paint?!

The race was held at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler on Saturday night and the 5K course looped around some kind of pit that I’m hoping isn’t actually the lake that the upcoming triathlon is in because it was pretty gross! There were four(?) stations set up with volunteers who were all too happy to dunk their water blasters in neon paint water and aim straight for the runners!

It actually washed out pretty well!

The after-race party had beer (score one for night races) and live music, perfect to dance to once I got all those endorphins running through me. I was very impressed with the organization (aside from the start…a little hectic and a little delayed) and the marketing that totally packed it in for the inaugural event.

I fifth-wheeled it with two friend couples and it was a blast for us as 20/30 somethings and I loved how family friendly it was and the kids there were having a blast.  I imagine it would be a great way to get kids excited about running! Heck, one of the women I was with was super pumped about having run the race! It was pretty neat to see her catch that running bug…I think I can recruit her for my next half!

Afterward, we randomly headed to the most legit Halloween party I’ve ever seen…complete with electric chair photo opp and professional photog! Fortunately we were somewhat decked out in our splashed runner’s gear and the booze room (yes, a whole room for booze) had black lights all over, so we found our home!


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