Take Care of the Tootsies

Even though my 5K last week was pretty unofficial, it definitely put a little racing spark back in me and I’m ready to get going with my training and the rest of my race calendar for the season.

I had an open house and took Sunday off, then Monday, back-to-back appointments and dog mom guilt got the best of me, so I skipped my run, so on Tuesday, a momentous thing happened. I was going to go to yoga, but I decided to make up my Monday run instead. What? Who am I?

Unfortunately it was terrible. A mile in and I hated my life and I had this aha moment…

So, I settled for a two-mile run and on Wednesday went on the hunt for new new running shoes. The sales guy mentioned that New Balance uses foam for cushioning, so they are better for training than running. They’ve never bothered me during my new addiction – kickboxing – so I’ll definitely keep using them as gym shoes, but I was so thrilled to find these hot pink Asics Blurs on sale.

Now, Sports Authority could have pulled Joe Schmoe off the street, but I always tend to believe what they tell me and he said they’re light weight and good for running distances…how did he KNOW I am training for a half?! Is it like when fake psychics look for clues…maybe I look like a distance runner? Maybe a 20-something white girl trying on bright pink running shoes during her lunch break looks like she’s got something to prove?

Either way, I went with those and AGAIN picked running over yoga to test them out on Wednesday and Asic’s gel cushioning seems to really have helped. My enthusiasm for running may now continue!


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