Naked Commitment

This sums it up…tea, Steelers, crocheting.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Pittsburgh visiting my 88-year-old grandmother, Mimi if you will. I needed a vacation, she needed a visitor, so off I went to the land of cold (30s!) and no sun, but beautiful fall landscapes.

We played cards, went shopping, ate pie and got dressed up in fur and diamonds to go to an old school businessman’s club for dinner in downtown. We also watched the Steelers beat the Giants while eating pizza. On that day, I left the house all of six inches to scoot out the garage, pick up the newspaper and scoot back in.

After my five-hour flight on Monday evening, I was tired and needed to organize myself for the week and play with my puppy (who celebrated his one-year adoption anniversary at his own grandma’s while I was gone, puppymom guilt!), but I NEEDED TO RUN. I really felt like if I didn’t run, I would just die. Dramatic much?

Fortunately, I was already wearing my new lulu wunder under crops and hot pink Asics on the plane, so a quick bra change, but no shirt – how’s THAT for a climate change?! – and I was out the door. I NEEDED TO RUN.

And then, at that moment, I felt like a runner. It was a good naked run (I didn’t even take the time to find my headphones or let my Garmin find a signal). I only ran two miles and was home, showered and in bed before 10, snuggled with my pup who was totally pooped from his play weekend.

I made the decision to focus on training up until my third half marathon, that’s actually less than a month away at this point, and I wasn’t waiting any longer. I was doing it and making it a priority to get it in regardless of how late or early it is.

Granted, I kinda always get this fired up when I make a training plan (I had redone it on the plane) or sign up for a race and sometimes it fizzles, but the naked commitment run was pretty great and I’ve stayed fired with enthusiasm all week.

And now for my bitter rant about commitment…I belong to Lifetime Fitness and they as of recently have joined forces with Red Rock Co. that does a lot of the triathlons in the Valley. I think they’re both great organizations and I’ve applied to various jobs with both since moving back to Arizona, but I obviously do not work for either, thus the bitter part.

There are no REAL hard feelings though, as I said, I think they’re great, so I follow both and other associated groups and people on social media. A few months ago they collectively launched this campaign about Commitment Day, which is apparently January 1.

While I like the idea and plan ahead like a champ, I just can’t get over the concept of signing up for the movement and the New Year’s Day race in August and committing to commit to your wellness…in four months. What kind of permission does that grant for the rest of the year?!

Now, I don’t think anyone who they’ve rallied is all like, “Sweet, I’m gonna get fit in 2013, but I’m gonna get FAT for the rest of 2012! Honey, stock up on the Cheetos and get some mayo for dipping!”  But, potentially, participants are opting out of an entire quarter of a year and a quarter-year of their lives! Imagine the change that could happen in 120 days!

Obviously my stance is that the perfect day to adopt positive change in your life is the day you decide you want it…I did it with this blog, I did it with this commitment run…if you’re waiting for your life to start, you’re going to miss it!

Do you like to plan ahead or make changes as soon as you make the decision? What are you committed to this fall/winter?


One thought on “Naked Commitment

  1. I cannot stand the whole “I’m gonna start after the first of the year…” I hear that all the time and it honestly makes me so frustrated! I even hate when it’s Friday and people say “Starting Monday” NO! Start today! NOW! Huge personal pet peeve. I’m proud of you for getting out there!

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