Phoenix Sister Cities 5K

Another beautiful fall weekend in Arizona…another race! On Saturday I did the Phoenix Sister Cities 5K which started at Arizona Falls (much less glam than it sounds) and looped around the canal in Arcadia. I signed up for this a while ago…so long ago in fact that I was apparently the first person to sign up for the whole race!

My schedule last week was ever-changing so I ended up needing to do my long run on Saturday (instead of Friday and using the 5K as my recovery run). The eight miles were all over the place, but it was important to me to get them done. I got up early and ran two with Rigo, then drove to Arizona Falls and ran one mile to stay warm before the race, three more miles with 100 new friends.

I just kept telling myself not to stop and really my body was fine, my legs felt a little weak, but my pace was more challenging to me mentally. I was aiming for a 5K under 28 minutes and (spoiler alert) I still hope to do that sometime this month, but Phoenix Sister Cities was not the place for it.

I finished in 29:35, so still under my standing goal to race under a 10-minute pace. Apparently their timing method was to take a tag off my bib at the end, but I didn’t know and had ripped it off before the run, so my time was from my Garmin.

I felt eh after finishing, grabbed a water and a banana and drove to my office (where I had left something very important!), but ran two miles around the neighborhood to finish my eight miles for the day! I felt great for finishing, even if they were more collective than consecutive, but I was ready to start my day feeling great and knowing I earned my dirty chai latte and then the beer I was about to drink!

I haven’t done a solo race in a while and this one made me realize how much more fun it is when I have cheerleaders or, even better, friends or family running in the race too, so fortunately I just found out Stacey is running the Fiesta Bowl Half, which is my only race coming up I didn’t have anyone yet! Yay!


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