This year, I’m thankful for:

Rigo! I wanted a dog for so long and he’s just a perfect fit. The best decision I made last year hands down.

People who care about me and show it. One thing I enjoy about getting older is realizing that it’s okay to make room in your life only for people who want and deserve to be there.

My niece. If we’re being honest, she’s only 3 weeks old and a little boring right now, but I’m glad she’s here and I know that very soon she’ll be taking after her Auntie M as the life of the party.

Yoga. I say it all the time…I’m never disappointed by an hour spent on my mat.

My long run today. It reminded me how close I am to the serene desert at all times and I was able to do it in a tank top and shorts at 7am! I was a little bummed it’s still been warm here lately, but c’est la vie! Bikini weather is never a bad thing…I’m going to the pool this weekend!

My jobs. Employment is a good thing and I have two jobs I enjoy and that work well together and still allow me to have a life.

My home. I enjoy owning my condo and I enjoy that I haven’t moved for a whole 14 months and counting!

My health. I’ve had a few ups and downs with my health this year, but ultimately I rarely get sick and I’m able to stay very active because of my health. (And because I’m active, I stay very healthy…it’s a chicken and egg thing).

And now I’m getting all cliché and reaching, so I’ll stop, but yes, life is good. Off to wear my sundress to FFF! Happy Thanksgiving!


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