Will Run for Chocolate

The Hot Chocolate 5k and 15k came to Phoenix last weekend and I’m not sure we’ll ever be the same! It was the inaugural event here and it was huge AND well-run AND full of great perks for participants.

I signed up for the 5k with a girls’ Meetup group I go to. Of course, with so many runners and different corrals, it was hard to find everyone, but I found my friend Rachel who was in my corral (A… not to brag or anything!) and we were able to start the race together.

The 5k course was…boring. Out around the Salt River Fields ballpark, through a commerce park and back toward the field, but there’s only so much you can do with 3.1 miles! It was a cold day, but I took off at a great pace and felt good and happily finished in 27:20 – a new 5k PR for me!

HC Finish HC Mug

Rachel came in shortly after and we went to go grab our finishers’ mugs! The hot chocolate was good, but the melted chocolate with dippers, while probably good, sounded like just about the least appetizing thing at that moment. We met up with some more of the group and went off to a well-earned breakfast!


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