Return to Camelback

Camelback 011813Camelback Mountain is closing! For a little bit anyway!

After next weekend, the front trail, Echo Canyon, will be closing for improvement projects until the fall. I haven’t been since I took it on as one of the seven summits almost two years ago. I think of it as a little dangerous, but it’s different and a nice challenge, so on this fantastically long weekend, I took the opportunity to climb up before the closure!

I don’t hike often enough, but I always love the reward of getting to the top to see your hard work! Being above the city and the stress of daily life is so refreshing!


4 thoughts on “Return to Camelback

    • It’s from Crossfit 480, which is right by the airpark in Scottsdale. It + a month membership was a Christmas gift I’m looking forward to using after Ragnar!

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