Moving to Seattle, kthanksbye!

PinnacleWe had a rainy Pacific Northwest-type weekend here in the Valley of the Sun and it was pretty spectacular! I got in an overcast hike at Pinnacle Peak on Thursday and was supposed to hike again with a long-lost friend on Friday evening, but she got called in to work an extra night shift, so when I got off work at 3:00, I ran six miles – two and a half with the wonder dog then three and a half on my own – before the rain started, so I suppose the canceled hike was for the best anyway!

On Saturday, I went to my regular yoga class, but it was my first time there since it got switched from Vinyasa Flow to Slow Burn, which focuses on slowing down the traditional vinyasa flow in an unheated room. I enjoyed the format and it just flew by!

TKMy planned open house was canceled because of the rain, so on the way home from the gym, I stopped at Target to get a Blu Ray player for my Netflix account.  Holy life-changing. That’s sad, right? Oh well, I stand by it. I got very cozy with Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate and Lonely Boy this weekend. Don’t worry, I still got a lot of work done too and I even had some fun with real friends!

sleevesOn Sunday the rain eased up so I took off for a morning run, two miles with Rigo (he’s a monster), then three on my own. I got to wear my new running sleeves – a stocking stuffer from my now-a-runner Momma (she gets it). They were pretty great. Like being all cuddled up in bed with your foot sticking out. Ahhh.

The run was perfection, which is why I’m moving to Seattle. Obviously my running mojo comes from clouds and cool weather. Whenever it rains, my music of choice is chill singer-songwriter type stuff, so I switched on Matt White Pandora, which I thought would be too slow, but it was pretty perfect and just allowed me to zone out and go. It was my fastest run in a long time – just over 46 minutes and a 9:13 pace!

The clear day was perfect for a second attempt at an open house and it was a success! Desert dwellers don’t do well with rain, so everyone who felt cooped up on Saturday came out to play on Sunday! I actually stayed an hour longer than I expected because the traffic was just so consistent!

When I wrapped up and ran around picking up my signs – maybe my least favorite part of the job! – I gave myself a half hour and a few Shot Blocks before heading out for…RUN #2. Can you believe it?! I barely can.

I’ve heard that mimicking the Ragnar schedule with two-a-days, even followed by a morning run the next day, is very important to help you prepare. With the race less than a month away now, it’s time to get serious! I was about 60% feeling it, but I’m sure it will be a lot easier with 11 awesome women cheering me on. I planned for another five miles, but with a slightly tweaked ankle, some knotty knees and ominous dark skies, I opted for three and they felt great too! By the time I showered and dressed, it was pouring again!

I’m so glad it cleared up for a great Sunday and then that the rain came back for a lazy Sunday night of more Gossip Girl with a break for Downton Abbey —-> OMG.

How did you sweat this weekend? What’s your ideal running weather? Do you change your music mood based on the weather?


2 thoughts on “Moving to Seattle, kthanksbye!

  1. Hey girl! I ‘m going to start doing two a days soon, too. Great job on the runs and hikes this week! I love this weather….I ran last night in the spitting rain and it was great! We need to get together for Yoga sometime. I got a groupon for an unlimited month at Hot Yoga Ahwatukee if you ever want to join me!

  2. That weekend was pretty great. I love the rain. I think it was the weekend of The Color Run which I ran and it was seriously one of my best runs. I loved running in the rain.

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