Catch Me If You Can: Skirt Chaser 5K

I’ve been watching the Skirt Chaser 5K come and go for a few years and I am so glad I finally signed up this year. Women wearing their running skirts start first and three minutes later, the men take off and chase them. It’s always around Valentine’s Day and there are color-coded stickers to wear to show if you’re there to be chased or if you’ve already been caught and are just having fun with your honey. It’s an afternoon race with a big party afterward.

February weather is hit-and-miss in Arizona. Yesterday, it was just about a miss, near 80 and almost too hot, but for the beer party afterward, it could not have been beat!

The race started on the Mill Ave. bridge and took Mill to hilly Curry and then back to finish inside the Tempe Beach Park – bits and pieces were familiar from Pat’s Run and my tri runs. I’m not usually a huge fan of out-and-back races, but for 5Ks they’re not so bad and I thought the course was challenging, but fast.

With my sporadic training of late and the warm weather, my goal was pretty much to not die, I started darting around trying to find some space. After the first mile, my Nike app chimed in to tell me my time was 7:06. I haven’t calibrated the app lately and I’ve always thought it runs a little short. It mapped the whole course at about 3.4 miles, so obviously that 7 minutes was not a full mile, but still, are you kidding me?! That is not the way to not die, so I pulled back and finished with an official time of 29:47.

I guzzled my water and then got my beer and a seat in the shade to listen to the cover band playing and then walked around Mill for a bit. I left with an awesome runner’s racerback tank sunburn and a bit of a runner’s high. This might be a new annual must-run!


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