You Got Schnauzered: Petco 5K9

First of all, OMG Ragnar happened this weekend, but my brain still needs to process the (spoiler alert) AMAZING experience before I can think about recapping it, so in the mean time I’ll recap the 5K Rigo and I did on Sunday morning.

Yeah, I thought signing up for a 5K the day after a two-day 200-mile relay race was a good idea. Oops. A friend told me about the race and I wasn’t so sure, but then a Living Social deal came through a few days later so I took the sign from the universe and signed up.

Rigo stayed with my parents while I was gone and he’s always pretty exhausted from running around in their big backyard and the long walks my mom spoils him with, so when it was time to go yesterday morning, he wasn’t so sure.

Rigo 5K93

But, I told him how fun it would be and off we went. I was meeting the friend who told me about it and her family including her handsome tank of a dog, Rhino. We waited through a bark-filled national anthem and then we were ready to rock and roll!

My quads are pretty sore from Ragnar and I have a minor foot injury, but it was chilly and windy so I wanted to warm up and Rigo needed some personal space, so I decided we were running. We darted around some pups and found a nice open area, then walked, then a crowd started to come up behind us so we ran again, and kind of continued on with intervals like that.

The race took place around Tempe Town Lake, so again, a familar course for me, but it was Rigo’s first time. Some parts are a little crowded when it’s just people, so throw dogs in there too and it’s a squeeze, but it gets the job done. Rigo gives it two paws up.

We ran past some pretty tough looking dogs – labs and boxers and shepherds, oh my! We schnauzered all of them! Rigo doesn’t look like he’s ready to rock out a 5K at any time, but he is!

We jumped ahead of two more right at the end to finish in 34:32, Rigo’s first PR! And he literally slept all day after that, which was perfect for me because after my exciting, runtastic, sleep-deprived weekend, I was a tired puppy too!


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