When you explain what Ragnar is, you get blank stares.

In the hour after your first leg, you go from “never again” to “when’s the next one?”

Your six new best friends > sleep.

Your Instagram feed BLOWS UP.

You can’t decide if you like your van’s running time or downtime more.

You start to think Port-A-Potties aren’t a bad option and assume they’re all decent and well-stocked.

Yelling to your runner that “everyone else looks like shit too” is the welcomed encouragement she needs.

Sleeping in fields, on a basketball court and scrunched in a van are fantastic ideas.

You’re impressed that the satellite station your van is listening to hasn’t repeated a song yet. And then it does.

You look damn good in a safety vest.

That moment when you figure out how long it’s been since your last real meal and you realize what you’ve been subsisting on in that time.

Safety flags = active release therapy.

Your drive home is lonely and you keep looking for runners and vans.

They don’t allow you to drink during the race, but you swear you feel hungover for the next two days.


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