Adult Swim

It is getting toasty in Arizona. We’re hitting our first 90-degree high this weekend. Of course in seven months when 90 is on the way DOWN, it’s going to feel downright cool, but right now it feels warm – like early morning or post-sunset runs and days lounging by the pool.

The heat has made me remember the summers I spent on swim team – an hour every weekday morning and meets on Thursday nights – and made me realize my swim sessions lately haven’t been cutting it.

I like swimming, but I was always talking myself up to get in the cold water and stink like chlorine for the next day all for the sake of a rushed 20 minute distance-goal workout! So, I decided to take this summer to pretend I’m on swim team again!

I don’t have any tris on my calendar, so no distance goals to meet, it’s just about swimming for the amazing workout that it is. Of course, I’m not anywhere close to getting to the pool five times a week for an hour each time, but I’m setting time goals and doing more interesting workouts than just up and down the lane to get the distance done.

Workouts I’ve done so far:

45 minute ladder: 500 free, 100 breast, 400 free, 100 backstroke kick, 300 free, 100 breast, 200 free, 100 backstroke kick, 100 free

45 minute ladder: 300 free, rest, 400 free, rest, 500 free, rest, 400 free, rest, 300 free

30 minute drills: 500 free, 10×100 (50 free sprint, 50 free kick), 250 free cool down

Mostly I make them up the second I get in the pool, so I need to work out figuring some out ahead of time particularly as I work up to 60 minutes, but they’ve worked out well so far and the first two were 1900 meters, which broke my distance record for any pool swims recently. Definitely worth the fuss of actually getting in the pool!

Runs are going to be increasingly easier to skip as the window for running outside closes and my race calendar wraps up (April 27 is my last), so having the option to get in a GOOD swim is fantastic. Are you changing your routine as it gets warmer?


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