Can’t Argue With That

My training has been a little off lately (feeling like a broken record with that one!)…I don’t have much to actually train for and life has gotten in the way of gym time.

But, after a great weekend trip to Sedona, I decided it was time to get back on track and my plan last week was to make like a girl scout and be prepared – prepared for wherever, whenever, however I could work out. My bag with yoga clothes that could double as running clothes and running shoes and everything I’d need to swim has gone with me everywhere to avoid continuing to give into getting home from work and never wanting to leave again.

Was I planning a yoga class, but left work too late? Cool, I can run. Is it too hot in the afternoon to run (or as was the case earlier this week, too windy, allergy-y and nasty outside)? Cool, I can swim.

My training plan goes with me everywhere too, but it’s more of a guideline and I’m more concerned now with what I want to do and what I can do because SOMETHING is better than nothing. It worked four out of five days last week!

Goals for the next couple weeks:

RUN – I’d like to do decently at Pat’s Run so I have to keep it up and while I’m disappointed I haven’t run a LOT this year, I’m happy I have at least some miles on every week.

Use the rest of my True Hot Yoga Groupon – I definitely already got my money’s worth and I silently scream in those classes, but it’s a decent workout and I’m stubborn so darn it I’m gonna finish it.


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