Pat’s Run 2013

Pats BannerI look forward to Pat’s Run every year and my third race yesterday was another great experience! My mom and I lightrailed in with a few hundred of our closest friends and got to the start with just enough time to find and get in our corrals – Mom was excited to do this race again, but made me promise to run my own race this year and meet up with her at the end.

It’s always a solemn, but fun, memorial run and this year, just five days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, it was an even more moving experience – the huge crowd of over 20,000 runners was so amazingly quiet during a moment of silence for Boston and a spectacular rendition of the national anthem.

I love the people that come out for this race and how they challenge themselves for 4.2 miles – army troops and patriots and firefighters, oh my!


Feeling a little undertrained and knowing that in a crowded race, it’s sometimes hard to get space to do well, I just wanted to have fun. It wasn’t until I started that I decided my A and B goals were 36 minutes and 40 minutes. My Nike app kicked in at each mile with times that I loved to hear and I felt good. I loved the familiar course, the hills that I’ve hit during other recent races didn’t kill me like they have in past years and it was warm, but not as hot as I remembered it being.

At mile three, I decided to punch it, remembering that the course narrows and the runners jam up at mile four heading into ASU Stadium to finish on the 42 yard line and if I wanted a good time, I’d have to make up for that in the last full mile.

I was running pretty strong and as the course narrowed I found a few other runners determined to finish hard and got behind them as they puddle jumped, so I never really even slowed. Macklemore was my music of choice for the whole race and as I was heading into the finish line, this song kicked in…I highly recommend finishing any race to this athletic-themed crescendo, there’s actually cheering!

My official finish time was 38:12, perfectly in between my goals…woohoo!

My mom’s corral had to wait a while to start, so I walked around the expo for a bit before posting up near the stadium entrance to catch her. And of course I missed her! We discussed later that she was just behind a group of people running for Boston who were hauling a cooler speaker blaring Irish music, so I was a little distracted!

She finished in 54:11, beating last year’s time and said her race felt good! Great job, Mom!


We lightrailed back to my car and had a fantastic brunch (hello, almond-crusted french toast, where have you been all my life?!) at Biscuits in Chandler and then pampered ourselves with mani/pedis. I can get behind this post-race tradition!


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