A Cold Day in July

The unthinkable happened. I quit the gym. I considered it last month, then realized, who was I kidding? I love my gym; I could NEVER quit the gym.

But then yesterday I realized enough was enough. I was paying WAY too much and not going – although when I went in to cancel, the sales guy mentioned that I was actually paying $15 LESS than current rates. WTF? That definitely still doesn’t make it a bargain though.

Goodbye lap pools (plural). Goodbye yoga studio and fantastic teachers. Goodbye personal TVs on each piece of cardio equipment. Goodbye pool loungers. Goodbye steam room. Goodbye towels in the locker room and so many other amenities – quick-serve restaurant, spa and salon – of the rich and the famous.

I still have almost two full months left to enjoy those things, but come July, I’m on my own. Seriously, though? That could not have been more poorly timed! No more ACed fitness right as we head into the hottest three months of the year when there literally is one hour in each day that running outside doesn’t mean certain death. And that hour is 4am.

Technically, I have an ACed fitness center at my complex, although it’s a little depressing. And technically I can join another gym that’s a fraction of the cost.

In fact, a big reason that I quit was because I kept being tempted by Groupons and Living Social deals and then I would buy and use those and ignore my real gym. I’m pretty sure I can stay fit just sampling a few different crossfit boxes (OMG I already know the lingo, I will fit right in), yoga studios or other trendy fitness classes, again, for a fraction of the cost.

Plus, the workout DVDs at the library don’t ALWAYS skip or stop entirely. Or I could just Bridesmaids it and creep on an outdoor bootcamp class?


What are some of your favorite ways to stay fit without a fancy-pants gym?


4 thoughts on “A Cold Day in July

  1. I went through the same thing when I broke up with my personal trainer last year. I ended up taking advantage of a few groupons and various workout DVDs. I still had a gym membership but I was in a rut and must have worked out at home for about 4 months. If you need a buddy to check out crossfit, I am a little intrigued… I also have Zumba, Insanity and Tracy Anderson DVDs if you need to borrow! Good luck! 🙂

  2. I need to quit my gym as well. I only go periodically so as to justify still paying for it. Instead, I’ve been running at Tempe Town Lake, riding my stationary bike at home or taking up free classes like yoga at the W Hotel or Pilates at CityScape. I’m moving soon too, so will have a pool in my backyard and trails to get my exercise in.

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