Happy Summer!

Summer temps hit early here in Phoenix, and now especially after spending the last few weekends lounging by water with friends – in Palm Springs for a bachelorette party, at El Santo and Talking Stick Resort and at Lake Pleasant – it officially feels like summer.

The Fun | Vacations, happy hours and more pool days are in the works. Plans for my 29th birthday in August and a 30 before 30 list are also getting underway! Oh and my awesome new boyfriend = summer lovin’ FTW!

The Entertainment | Summer reads are stacking up in my bookcase. SYTYCD is back, Big Brother starts in another month and I’ve already seen some big summer movies and whispered, “I wanna see that” at just about every preview for more.

The Gear | My sundresses and shorts are in regular rotation. I recently got some summery white jeans (and they’re skinny!) and a cute new tumbler for my 24/7 ice water needs.

It’s absolutely going to be a happy summer!

Oh yeah…and the Workouts? | I’m doing pretty well with my “what you can, when you can” plan. Swimming, running (early morning!), yoga, cross-training…a sweatastic summer indeed!



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