Esprit de She Tempe

On Thursday night, my mom and I ran the Athleta Esprit de She race at Tempe Town Lake. I signed us up forever ago and at the time October 10th seemed so far away, but now it’s already come and gone and we had a blast!

Esprit de She is a new women’s racing series and they definitely went all out for their female racers! Post-race, there was champagne and wine and mini spa treatments. In addition to having hand sanitizer at the port-a-potties (women love that), they had…stacks of tampons! Haha, it was a nice touch!

Even more important, I really liked the course. When we signed up, it was in Scottsdale, but about a week before, I got a phone call that it was now at Tempe Town Lake. I’ve done a lot of races at Tempe Town Lake, but most start at the beach park, which last weekend, was being taken over for Oktoberfest, so it was on the other side and it ended up being a course unlike what I’ve run there before. I ran the 10K and I was especially happy it wasn’t just two loops! Part of it was out and back, but overall the course was pretty great.

It had rained earlier, which made it was the coldest night this season (for Arizona that means we were all bundled up for about 70 degrees) and perfect for a race!


EDS3My mom took off on the 5K course first and I caught up with her shortly after the 2-mile mark and we ran together for a little bit before she told me to take off, so I did! My training has not been as consistent as I would have liked and this was the longest I’d run in a while, but I did my best and ended up finishing in 1:04:37, my now-middle time for the 10K. I ran slower than the race I ran right after I got Rigo and was such a nervous new mom, I hadn’t slept or eaten for a few days before, but I ran faster than the race I ran while hungover/possibly still drunk. I’ll take it?

I found my mom at the finish line and we hung out for a bit, got massages, but when it got a little too chilly for us, we headed back home, pretty happy with our Thursday night accomplishments!



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