Three Years


I had to tell myself that little cheesy gem a few times on my run yesterday, but I got in six decent miles. My motivation was feeling great about having done it and being able to enjoy the rest of the day without the undone run hanging over my head and… success!

With no other must-dos yesterday, I was browsing social media and saw two friends were doing the Shun the Sun half-marathon. The Shun the Sun 10K was the first race I did three years ago and it gave me the bug big time! I did a 5K last weekend and have two more this month!

The Women’s Running Series 5K last weekend was kind of a bummer for me because it was actually supposed to be a half-marathon! Yeah, that’s a bit of a difference. I can blame a knee injury, the Indian summer, but I didn’t train how I would have liked and the day before I just realized it wasn’t worth it and dropped to the shorter race and ran it in 29:18.

I have my eyes on another half, but am holding off on registering this time! If my mantra-filled run is an indicator, though, I think I’ll be ready to do it right!


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