Workout Giant: Crossfit!

I finally bit the bullet and tried crossfit…and I survived and lived to tell about it so far! This has been one of my GIANT workout giants for a long time!

A few months ago I found a Living Social deal for 10 classes at Urban WarFit (how intense does THAT sound?!) for $10 on a 20% off day. After I confirmed that my boyfriend would do it with me, I jumped on it! For $16 total, how could I say no?

The deal was structured to consist of two one-on-one assessment sessions and eight 101 classes. They are definitely losing money on the deal, but it’s a great way to get newbs like me in to try it out and try to get me hooked!

I think this was our coach...looks a little different here though.

I think this was our coach…looks a little different here though.

Our one-on-one (two-on-one, really) was with a very buff (and nice) dude who got to know our habits and goals and told us what crossfit is all about – functional strength and fitness/training for life type stuff…I can get behind that! Then we walked through some stretches and the five moves that would make up my very first WOD (workout of the day). We practiced each of them, with modifications where necessary, then it was time to complete it all the way through. So, here it is, my first WOD:

500-meter row
50 air squats
40 all-the-way sit-ups that probably had some fancier name
30 hand release push-ups
20 pull-ups

I finished in 10 minutes and some change and he had said it would take 7-20 minutes depending on fitness level, so I’ll take 10 as a good place to start. I felt a little weak and winded after and I’m sore today, but overall it felt pretty good.

Sean enjoyed the workout too, but he commented that it was a very casual environment, people just hanging around. I kind of liked that and I think that’s pretty much what crossfit is like at any box. It’s a casual, family environment, which, apart from the addictive workouts and their hopefully impressive physical improvements, is probably a big part of the draw for many people. When we left, our trainer told us to just start coming to our 101 classes whenever and even invited us to the upcoming Christmas party because “once you come, you’re part of the family.”

I hope to see that “family” again soon…not totally drunk on the kool-aid yet, but I’m at least eager to go back and try it again!