In the last 365 days…

Earlier today (while looking for my 30 before 30 list that I’ve apparently just kept to myself), I came across this recap of 2011, which seems like forever ago, but was a pretty awesome year. I’m hoping as I now recap 2013, I will find the same theme! I know for sure I didn’t post very much this year, but hopefully I got some highlights!

January – I started off the year with some hiking, yoga, laziness and brownies. I also attempted golf. And have not been back since.

Camelback 011813

February – I started taking yoga classes with hot male instructors and ran the Skirt Chaser 5k on the hottest February afternoon ever. I actually forgot that was attached to Valentine’s Day until just now because it. was. so. hot. Rigo ran his first 5k. AND Ragnar.

Team End

March – A few days after Ragnar, I met this great guy named Sean. I kind of went head-over-heels and March was a bit of a blur! Apparently I did some swimming. Although, LBH, mostly I ate and drank and stayed up late. He did request a gym date pretty early on, which was a pretty smart way to my heart! I did sneak in a 10K mud run with Stacey!

Rogue after

April – Sean and I took a first couple’s trip to Sedona, tennis racquets and hiking shoes in tow. We did take a short hike, but mostly…ate and drank! My mom and I did Pat’s Run again and tried to be running buddies, but ended up just running the 5K and I got a new PR!


MayI quit the gym. It would have been sad if I hadn’t unquit shortly thereafter. I started getting pumped for summer and went to a bachelorette party in Palm Springs and out boating on Lake Pleasant – and tried wake boarding! – and didn’t write about any of it!

June – Sean and I took a second couple’s trip to Vegas, we saw Mumford and Sons, I went to beautiful Tahoe as Robin’s plus one for her friend’s wedding that was an all-day party. And I really didn’t write about ANY of it!

July – I got sick of the heat (too bad too, because it lasted through October). I ran a race in the heat to show it just how sick of it I was. Rachel talks me into the WORST things, and that’s why I love her!


August – I celebrated my inaugural 29th birthday with some friends and a staycation at the Valley Ho. I went to San Diego for my last conference with my old company 😦 A week later, there was a boy living in my condo! That’s been an adjustment!

Birthday Pool

September – My family went to Idaho for an extended lake weekend and it was glorious! I attempted stand up paddleboarding for the first time! Sean and I went to California for my college friend’s wedding and had a blast at the beach.

Idaho LA Weekend4

October – Another race in the books for me and my mom – the Esprit de She 5k/10k!


November – My niece turned one! I left my job, thus the frowny face in August, but started another great one (and ran a race in undies)!


December – I’m settling into my new job and settling into a first Christmas and New Year’s with Sean. I found a new potential workout soul mate, crossfit…I’m loving it. My mom and I did our last run of the year a few weekends ago at Lululemon’s Mistletoe Flow at the Hotel Valley Ho and I caught up with some high school friends who were in town for the holidays!


All in all, a good year. I went through some ebbs and flows in all aspects of my life and am ready for some evening out in 2014 and some new athletic challenges! Cheers!


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