A Week Without Workouts

Last week was one of those weeks. Going way back, I was rocking my training and two Saturdays ago did my first long run – 8 miles without too much build up to it and it felt pretty good. But that night and the next day I was hobbling a bit and since it was my fourth day running in a row, I decided to skip the next day’s shake out run.

And I haven’t worked out since! Oh no! When last week started, I felt overwhelmed by having to host a jewelry party on Thursday and then go to Flagstaff for a bachelorette party on Friday. Why is it when you’re going away for the weekend, the whole week feels extra short and busy and stressed?

Seriously, though…a jewelry party (a girls’ night in, really) and a girls’ weekend in a relaxing mountain town? Yeah, not all that stressful, but they were looming over my head and I felt too busy to workout. I totally wasn’t! I just had to clean a little and pack a little (and have a fun date night with Sean).  Each day still had 24 hours and that’s more than enough time.



I think it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed after returning from a trip. Unfortunately I don’t have today off, so after getting back from Flag and showing a few houses to a potential buyer yesterday afternoon, I caught Bridesmaids on TV last night for a little unwinding and now it’s right back to the grind.

BUT I don’t want to spend the whole week feeling like I’m playing catch up, so I’m not going to let that mentality take over again. My training sessions for the week are actually pretty manageable and I was having a lot of fun with my workouts before I apparently decided to quit cold turkey. It’s time to have some fun again.

How long do you go off track before you shake some sense back into yourself?


4 thoughts on “A Week Without Workouts

  1. I find it so easy to get off track that I rarely let myself take more than one day off at a time. I’ve found that if I miss two consecutive days that it can be weeks before I get back into a good workout routine.

  2. Probably one of my most favorite messages – exercise shouldn’t be “working” out, it is so much more enjoyable if it is fun. I don’t know anyone who can’t relate to those short or busy weeks stressors and impact on schedule.

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