Luck Be a Lady

My recent string of luck has me thinking it might be time to play the lottery.

I will make you mine.

I will make you mine.

Last month, I won a gift certificate to a home fitness store that basically will buy me a treadmill. I think. I’ve picked up the certificate (from the radio station that held the contest), but haven’t been into the store as of yet, but the prices they have online make me think it won’t be too far off. There may not be any real place to put it in my condo that currently houses two adults, two dogs and all of our stuff, but that is not the point and for the convenience of having a treadmill at home, I will work it out! Gosh, I hope I actually use it!

Then, last week, I won a trip for two to Myrtle Beach for a private concert from Dan + Shay. They are a newish country duo that has a song called 19 You + Me:

If you didn’t listen, the first line is, “It was our first week, Myrtle Beach, where it all began…” Get it?

hoffman-inventory-trends-myrtle-beach-grand-strandAnd gosh how I need a beach vacation. It used to irritate me when people who were no longer in school used the term Spring Break. I was all, “When you’re an adult, it’s called vacation” and now I’m all, “I’m going on Spring Break y’all!” Currently the weather calls for cool temps and rain, but there will be ocean and it will be amazing. And I will meet the babies named Dan and Shay and they’ll be like, “Sweet, a cougar.”

Both of the contests were held by different local radio stations (sports and country, duh), but no, I don’t have impeccable timing to be the 10th caller or anything, they were online entries. I had an unofficial goal for the year to win something. Unofficial because it’s silly and also because it’s not really something I can control beyond entering and thinking positively, but…check!

Believe it or not, my luck didn’t stop at awesome contest prizes…also last week, I got notice that my job had been eliminated. No, that wasn’t the sound of a record scratching to a stop, it was actually a good thing. Without too much detail, it is the best case scenario and I’ve happily accepted a new position already, about a week after getting the notice, which has to be some kind of luck too. I mean, I know I’m awesome and got it because I’m qualified and will kick booty there, but how was this wonderfully matched position available exactly when I needed it?!

If the universe could give you something you really need in your life right now, what would it be? I think I got mine (times three), but if there’s anything else in store, I’m game! Keep the positivity coming!


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