Pat’s Run 2014

Today was the 10th annual Pat’s Run – one of my can’t-miss races each year. Every year I worry about the weather since it lands at the end of April and it can be really warm, but after a warm week, clouds, wind and a little bit of rain rolled in to make it pretty perfect. In fact, since that was the forecast, I actually had dreams about snow at the race last night! I guess I’ll find a way to worry about the weather either way!

With travel, a new job and getting sick in between (apparently a nasty bug was going around, but I also think it has to do with stress of the job sitch leaving my body), I haven’t been running recently so I wasn’t sure what to expect for this 4.2 mile race. The hills were tough, but my goal of finishing in 42 minutes was in the back of my head so I just ran through my mean side cramp!

The race typically backs up at the entrance to the ASU stadium for the finish on the 42-yard line, so I started to push it, but the back-up never happened and I was just about dying but couldn’t very well stop! My classic competitive runner came out and I picked two more people to pass to finish in 41:56!

My mom ran the race again this year too and I missed her at the finish line again, but we found each other in the crowd just as it was getting pretty windy and cold, so we headed back to the light rail to go home (NY subway-style…packed in with all the other race-goers)!

When I got home, my new treadmill was being delivered!  Hooray! After my push at the end of the race, I was pretty spent, but I gave the treadmill a little mile test spin. It’s great! Then I was like, “why am I on a treadmill? The overcast weather outside is perfect for running!” But, I was tired anyway so I ran some errands and now am having a lazy Saturday after my first week of work!


2 thoughts on “Pat’s Run 2014

  1. First time reader, we ran Pat’s Run also and hit the light rail just as the wind was starting. I was pretty pleased with the running traffic, this was our first year and was expecting a lot worse. Great race recap.

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