Oh the Places You Will Go: Myrtle Beach

When I was first told I won a trip to Myrtle Beach, I was a little suspicious. Honestly, it sounded like a scam. I vaguely remembered entering, but it’s not like I was holding my breath to see if I won. Nobody ever actually wins those things because they’re just trying to get your contact info to spam you, right?  Guess not!

It was somewhat last-minute notice and there were few details, so I didn’t truly believe it until I was on the plane! Somehow it worked out that even though it was mid-week with late notice, Sean was able to come with me! We took a red-eye and got there at 10am, in time to be amazed at the view from our room (not so much the room itself, but with a location and view like this, it was okay):

Myrtle Beach (1)

Then we took a quick nap and had lunch before we headed out to the Dan and Shay concert, which was set up in a small park  overlooking the ocean and besides the contest winners, the community was invited to enjoy for free as well. But, we got front-row seats and a meet and greet too! So, what do you talk about with an up-and-coming country duo? Well, Dan told us about a great juice place he likes in Scottsdale! Then we took some pictures:

Myrtle Beach (2)

The show was great, but it was chilly and windy and threatening rain the whole time. For the most part, it held off, but they sang their well-known song early on just in case we got rained out and then again as the closing song with others mixed in. I really like their sound and I would have eaten up their lyrics as a 20-year-old. As a 29-year-old, they’re still cute and fun!

Myrtle Beach (6)

Myrtle Beach (4)After they wrapped up, we could go back to the hotel with the group, but Sean and I decided to walk around and check out the boardwalk/entertainment strip area. And that’s when it really started to rain! We got soaked, but we found a place to get fish tacos and a margarita, so I was happy! We ended the night escaping the wind at the bar in the hotel next to ours.

The next day, it was finally sunny but it was even colder and windy. Not the beach vacation I had been dreaming of, but I couldn’t leave without taking advantage of the ocean, so we walked along the beach and stuck our toes in for a bit and then it was already time to go home.Myrtle Beach (3)

Too fast, but fantastic. Myrtle Beach is a great little touristy town and I would love to go back for a little longer when it’s a lotta warmer!


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