Bikini Series Check-in: Week 1

Last Monday marked eight weeks until the first day of summer (although we hit 100 in Phoenix this weekend, so it’s here NOW) and the start of the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I’ve followed Karena and Katrina’s blog, show, Instagram, but not really gotten in on any of it until now.

The Bikini Series offers cardio and strength routines for every day of the week. I like that it’s specific, but also leaves room for flexible choices. Here’s how I made the first week schedule work for me:

Monday: Bikini series cardio interval (3 miles on my new treadmill) + arms routine

Tuesday: 20 minutes on bike trainer + sculpting video

Wednesday: 3 mile run + booty workout

Thursday: 2 mile run + sculpting video

Friday: 40 minute swim + ab routine

Saturday: spin class + arms routine

Sunday: 20 minutes spin + kickboxing class

I will admit I had kind of written Tone It Up off as fluff and not intense enough for me. I really don’t believe those girls maintain their banging bodies with five-minute light-weight strength training routines and a 30 minute run every morning. In fact, in addition to the routines they prescribe, Karena trained for a half Ironman earlier this year.

BUT, I do think Tone It Up is a great reminder that something is better than nothing when you have limited time and/or motivation and then when I am ready to step it up, I can.

Working out usually kick starts my healthy eating, so I’ve been doing well with that all week too and I’m down a few pounds and can see my abs a little better already!

Other things that are helping me get back on track:

My new treadmill…It’s love. It’s so great to have such quick access to a run (counting outside out because it’s too warm)

Having a job I actually like…it takes up more of my day, but I actually have energy in the evening instead of being emotionally worn down.

My busy summer calendar…it’s not called the bikini series for nothing! I’m ready to get my body confidence back for my beach and girls’ trips I have planned!

Anyone else doing this series or getting ready for summer in a different way? Am I the only one vowing to be consistent throughout the fall and winter next time instead of trying to cram it in just before skimpy clothing season (kinda like every year)?


2 thoughts on “Bikini Series Check-in: Week 1

  1. I’m trying to keep up my gym routine, but both it and my eating have been super inconsistent. I’m trying to remind myself that not only do I have my vow renewal, but I also have a family beach vacay right after. Time to kick it into gear.

  2. Since I’ve started running I haven’t really looked at my swim body (im a guy so bikini series doesn’t work for me lol) but I’m sure the strength training I’ve been skipping could help in that area.

    Treadmills are HUGE… We are here in AZ and this is our first running summer. We can already see that there are only so many 4 am and 8 pm runs we can do, so our treadmill will be used a ton this summer.

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