Oh the Places You Will Go: Boston

For our East Coast adventure, we flew in and out of Boston and I called it our Boston trip, but the sad truth is the we were there for little more than a day and a half. So, you can see why we were torn on cutting it short to make the trip to Cape Cod, but it was definitely worth it and Boston, I’ll be back!

Our first stop on the trip was Sam Adams! I was so excited to go on this brewery tour and as my brother-in-law said, it was the first noteworthy stop on out trip. The hour-long tour is educational, boozy and free! I held hops and then we sampled three beers, including a super secret new style, which was my favorite. IMG_3113


Oh! And you get to take those cute little glasses home!

We checked into the hotel and took off to go to the U.S.S. Constitution, or Old Ironsides. We listened to an amazing storyteller acting the part of one of the sailors and retelling the story of the battle that gave the ship her name, it was really neat! In elementary school, my class took a trip to California to live on and “work” on an old ship just like this one, so it brought back a lot of memories!

IMG_3121 IMG_3124

Apparently Bostonians dislike when people compare Boston to New York and there really is no comparison, except the transit system in New York was much easier! In Boston, we figured out it was easier to walk more often, so even though it was starting to rain, we hightailed it back to the hotel because we had an important date!

If you asked Sean, the whole reason we went on this trip was to go to Fenway to see the Red Sox on Friday night.


The forecast didn’t look good, but his desire to see the game must have kept the game-cancelling rain away. It did start to come down heavily enough for ponchos in the 5th and 6th innings though!


Sean was mostly excited to take me to the game because Fenway has a different feel, he kept saying. My only baseball experience is Spring Training and Diamondbacks games. Our Diamondbacks have an amazing park built not too long ago – huge with a retractable roof to play in all conditions (mostly hot), but it does lack the authenticity of an old ball park. Fenway was seriously cool and the fans were real fans. Sometimes at DBacks games I feel like I go to a game, but at Fenway, I actually watched a game! And a good one at that! They won in the bottom of the 10th!

Exhaustion from seven days of vacation was setting in (I know, my life is so rough), but it was our last night, so we caught a late dinner and post-dinner cider at the pub (called MJ’s!) next to the hotel before calling it a night. Exhaustion wasn’t going to keep me from running on my last morning either! An old classmate tweeted me that since I was in town I should go to the Promenade. He’s a runner too and it was a great suggestion for a place to start. While I was running along the water, I realized the rest of our day was pretty packed so I should probably try to see some of the things I wanted to see. I basically ran a big six-mile loop around the city and stopped at Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church.


It was another amazing run. Running away from my own routine always seems so much better!

I made it back to the hotel in time for check out and to meet up with Sean’s friend who took the train in from Central Mass to have lunch with us. The plan was MJ’s again, but I hadn’t had my fill of seafood and suggested Legal Seafood, which Sean had pointed out when we got there. My crab cake with salad and mashed potato was definitely the way to go out.

We were closeish to the Boston Marathon finish line, so we went by there so I could see it. It was just a line in the middle of the road outside the library, but pretty incredible to see.


Our last stop was the aquarium. We didn’t have a ton of time to spend there, but it was worth going in to check it out.

Penguin friends!

Penguin friends!

And that was that, our amazing trip was over! There wasn’t a lot I felt like I really missed in Boston, but I would definitely like to go back to just spend more time in the city, I really didn’t even get a feel for it in that short time, but what I did see I really liked!


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