Channeling Linden

One of my favorite “wish I hadn’t already binge watched it so I could binge watch it again” series is The Killing. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s an AMC/Netflix show so it has short seasons.

It took place in Seattle, although it was actually filmed in Vancouver and they took liberties with the cityscape and made it looked like it rains every second of every day, but whatever.

Linden is a bad ass female detective who has difficulties with work-life balance. She also smokes and runs a lot. More issues with balance I suppose. Remember, in The Killing world, it rains all day, every day and is usually cold, so she looks like this on her runs:


Which I realize now is actually far too overdressed for most Seattle runs, especially since there’s actually a bit of sun there.

Anyway, when I think about running in the cold, wet, gray Seattle winter, I think about Linden. If she can be a badass, I can be a badass. With extreme exceptions, winter weather is no reason to stay inside, it just takes some getting used to.

Figuring out how to dress is one of the harder parts for me. I like to follow the wisdom of dressing like it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is to avoid overdressing.

For my recent half marathon, I wore Nike Epic Run Tights, a Gap Motion long sleeve shirt, mid-weight liner gloves and an ear warmer plus a throw away hoodie I wore to the start line and for the first two miles.

For cold runs, I also like my lululemon wunder under crops because they feel thicker than some of my other bottoms. They’ve been in year-round rotation for quite some time.


When I still lived in AZ and overdressed for cold.

I also have a good pair of Brooks tights I got from their outlet store. I sometimes wear them on cold hikes with long undies underneath:


After a rainy training run, I decided waterproof shoes would be a good idea. I found Montrail’s Bajada II Outdry on Amazon for about 50% off (now up to over $100 for my size, woohoo, I got a deal!). I like that they look like my regular running shoes and they’ll be great for trails. I actually broke them in on a 10-miler, which was probably not the best idea, but they were totally fine. Lacking a little insole cushion, but it’s doable or fixable for a shoe that keeps my feet warm and dry!

Finally, my last winter running gear addition is a running jacket from Asics. Also, a bargain on Amazon ($20 at the time, also up now), so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I saw the “real price” was $98, my expectations went significantly up. Overall, I like it. It’s a decent light layer that provides good protection from wind and rain.

Besides that, I usually don’t need much more than a t-shirt or tank top, sometimes with running sleeves. Oh, and of course, if it’s raining, a hat!

Perhaps even harder than figuring out how to dress is actually getting out the door! For that I fall back on my good old just do it mantras:

And my new favorite:


Happier, nicer, better, it’s all true.

And finally, I found this one and A. it’s also true and B. at least I’m not running in anything near this:


Do you love or hate winter running?

What are your winter running survival tips?

What are your favorite binge-worthy shows (for post-run, post-hot shower couch time)?


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