Year in Review 2016: Oy

What’s that saying that’s going around lately? I think it’s something like…

FUCK 2016. 

Oh yes, that is it. And also, gosh 2016 was a dumpster fire.

On a large scale, things went downhill fast after the election. Privileged white millennials are still getting over the shock of what happened – because we* never expected that to happen so we didn’t really do enough to stop it – and now we have to deal with the real consequences of it. It’s scary.

So while fuck 2016 is a nice battle cry, a reminder to leave the shit behind us and look forward and do better now that we know better, the worst is probably not behind us, so maybe the best we can do is to look for the good parts in the otherwise steaming pile of shit that the next four years could be?

Not to get political 😉 It’s just hard to ignore that dark shadow looming over the year and fuck 2016 is everywhere and YKW is a large part of it.

On a personal level I’m also very much saying FUCK 2016. But that’s not really my nature to throw away an entire year. At heart, I am a Pollyanna. (WHY do people not know what this is? And WHY when I overheard coworkers talking about loving The Parent Trap were they talking about the remake? Haley Mills, people! Haley Mills!)

So, dark shadows aside, here’s my list of things that didn’t completely suck about 2016:

  • I ran two half marathons, both sub-2:00  and the subbest-2:00 of the two is my shiny, new PR.
  • I got a new job that combines things I like and things I’m good at and one month in, I really like it. AND it’s OMGsoclose to my home.
  • A new home! I moved to a new place that is so much more me. It’s comfortable and roomy and peaceful. And I’ve loved exploring my new neighborhood.
  • I traveled to two cities I’ve been dying to get to, Austin and Vancouver, and they were amazing. I also took a weekend to visit my HS bestie in Ashland, OR. Vacations are amazing, seriously people, use your PTO.
  • I read oh so many books. 49 as of this writing. My favorites have been: The Kitchen House, The Two Family House, Americanah, Year of Yes, The Flood Girls, and Drinking: A Love Story.
  • I discovered podcasts. Obvi started with Serial and my subscriptions have basically exploded since then. They are great for my long, cold walks around the neighborhood.
  • I almost rehomed my dog and it still makes me so sad to think about it (hey, this is a happy list, GTFO sad), but he’s still with me and he’s just the best, well, the worst and the best, and our renewed relationship has been one of the best things of 2016.
  • I met an insta-BFF and our friendship grew all year. It’s so nice to connect with someone who just gets you and is on your team from day one.

Okay, that helped. I feel better.

*Technically my birth year places me in the millennial generation. I absolutely hate that association because there’s a large difference between a 1984 “millennial” who remembers a time before the internet and cell phones and social media (and remembers freaking Haley Mills) and the millennials who are still in high school (eek, godspeed). I also don’t think it’s strictly a generational thing that led to the slack jaws on November 8th anyway (some might say it’s about having the belief that good prevails v. loving hate, who knows), millennials just seem to be the target of the “suck it up, buttercup” articles that have come out post-election, but the grief is real, yo. Feel your feelings.


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