Resolution Run 2017

My first run/race/workout of 2017 was the Resolution Run 5k and POLAR BEAR DIVE on New Year’s Day. Yeah, polar bear, like, hey jump in this cold lake on this sups cold day. Two months ago I thought this was a great idea. Since then, Seattle got real cold. The forecast called on and off for snow and some parts of the city actually did get snow overnight. As I walked around pre-race, I basically just told myself, if this many people think it’s a good idea, it’s probably okay. How’s that for a workout mantra?

It was cold at the race start – thank goodness for gear check real close to the startline – but the sun was breaking through the clouds and I warmed up quickly on the run, a nice little tour of Magnuson Park. The dive (a run into Lake Washington via the boat ramp) was at mile 3 with just a short distance then to the finish line.

You could technically make it through and only get wet up to the waist, but being the completionist that I am, once I was waist-deep, I went for the dive under. It actually didn’t feel cold, but quite literally took my breath away. After three or four gasps it came back and I was out of the water running in my squishy shoes to the finish line with a time of 29:36.


Proof! Wet run to the finish line.

Even though I was in heavy, soaking wet clothes, I wasn’t actually cold. I went back to the dive to look for my gloves (MIA) and grabbed some HoCho and THEN was super glad for the heated changing tent. For as nervous as I was about it beforehand, I ended up loving it and would totally do it again!


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