Hi, I’m Meg and I’m a sweataholic.

This is the road by my old apartment in Thousand Oaks, California where it kind of all started:

I’d been a traditional gym-goer for a few years in college, but my first year after graduation, I decided to start running.  I don’t think someone who hasn’t done any real running for 22 years can love it, but I liked it and more importantly I liked that it was up to me to improve, knowing eventually it would get easier and I might start to love it. And I did.

I ran around my many different neighborhoods for a few years until I finally signed up for my first 10K in November 2010. I was hooked! In January 2011, I ran my first half-marathon and later that year, I tackled my first triathlon!

Throughout the years, I’ve also been in love with kickboxing, spinning, strength training. In June 2011, I picked up yoga and when I moved to Washington state in 2015, I became an outdoor junkie and now love to hike, climb and kayak. See what I mean? Sweataholic in ANY form!

While a lot of my focus is on exercise, healthy eating has always been a big part of my life too. There’s a wonderful picture of my lovely mother, pregnant with either my older sister or me, picking fresh vegetables from her and my father’s garden. My parents stayed pretty health-conscious for my whole life. Fast food was definitely not the norm and the story goes that a cousin once cried for my sister and me because we weren’t allowed Twinkies when we were little.

I decided to become a vegetarian when I was 12, but some might have just called me a picky eater or stubborn. Now I consider myself a flexitarian because I still lean vegetarian at times, but I also eat meat, including delicious steak I had sworn off for so long. WTF was I thinking?!

I didn’t gain the dreaded freshmen 15 at college, this isn’t about how sweat helped me slim down. I’m know I’m fortunate to be naturally thin, but this is about how I, more often than not, make good choices to help me stay active and healthy. Taking care of your body is the least you can do to repay it for all it does for you!

Wellness bloggers are not perfect! My weaknesses include burritos, cookies and Netflix marathons (sometimes even if they conflict with a sweat sesh).

Some truths that I’ve learned about wellness:

  • Life is about balance. Give yourself a break and don’t take it too seriously.
  • The ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and move more.
  • Working out is about burning energy (calories) and it takes effort. If you’re phoning it in and you’re not feeling it during and tired afterward, you’re not doing it right.
  • Making exercise an appointment (and giving it the importance of one) whenever it works best for you is important. Honoring the commitment you make to yourself is even more important.
  • You’ll only stick to a workout plan if it’s fun for you. Pick something you like to do, if you’re competitive, pick something that challenges you, make a gym date with a friend if you love social interaction. Do whatever it takes to keep you going back.
  • Wellness is a choice. Make one good decision. Now make another.

This blog follows my wellness path. The decisions I make about training and food are the right decisions for me. I hope to encourage and motivate others, but you are responsible for your own wellness path. Embrace it and make it yours!


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