Resolution Run 2017

My first run/race/workout of 2017 was the Resolution Run 5k and POLAR BEAR DIVE on New Year’s Day. Yeah, polar bear, like, hey jump in this cold lake on this sups cold day. Two months ago I thought this was a great idea. Since then, Seattle got real cold. The forecast called on and off for snow and some parts of the city actually did get snow overnight. As I walked around pre-race, I basically just told myself, if this many people think it’s a good idea, it’s probably okay. How’s that for a workout mantra?

It was cold at the race start – thank goodness for gear check real close to the startline – but the sun was breaking through the clouds and I warmed up quickly on the run, a nice little tour of Magnuson Park. The dive (a run into Lake Washington via the boat ramp) was at mile 3 with just a short distance then to the finish line.

You could technically make it through and only get wet up to the waist, but being the completionist that I am, once I was waist-deep, I went for the dive under. It actually didn’t feel cold, but quite literally took my breath away. After three or four gasps it came back and I was out of the water running in my squishy shoes to the finish line with a time of 29:36.


Proof! Wet run to the finish line.

Even though I was in heavy, soaking wet clothes, I wasn’t actually cold. I went back to the dive to look for my gloves (MIA) and grabbed some HoCho and THEN was super glad for the heated changing tent. For as nervous as I was about it beforehand, I ended up loving it and would totally do it again!


For fitness or beauty?

I like to hike. I think I kinda forgot this and didn’t get out to the mountains much this summer. Shame because Washington is such an amazing playground.

I decided to get back out there and kick off the long weekend with a hike that’s been on my list for a while – Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls.


It’s an eight mile out and back trek that ends at this wonderful little spot. We’ve had a few fall-like days recently, so the hike was overcast, cool, and slightly misty at times.

I realized while I was hiking that I’m not much for stopping and when the trail is rooty and rocky, you tend to focus down a lot. I wondered, am I here for the fitness or the outdoor experience? Then, as often happens when I think of the word fitness, I thought of this and laughed because it’s funny every time.


But, back to the larger question. When you really get climbing, the sweat feels just as cleansing as a hot yoga class and I love it. So, I think I’d say I hike for fitness, which seems gauche to admit. I should be all, “I’m here to absorb the beauty and connect with nature.” To be fair, if it was ALL about that sweat, I’d run in town or get the the gym v. driving 90 minutes to hike.

Also, I absolutely loved the falls.


I guess you have to love both to be a hiker! Since I took my first, nervous solo hike a little over a year ago, I’ve become much more comfortable with it. It also helps that I’m independent and stubborn and want to go where I want to go, when I want to go, and at my pace and throw in some running when the trail allows. (#thisiswhyimsingle)

Unfortunately, I’m not quite brave enough to hike snow-covered trails alone, so I’m hoping to get a few more fall hikes in before winter hits.

Aaaand today I’m sore and balancing the hike with some good, old-fashioned laziness. Yay for three day weekends!

Three Years


I had to tell myself that little cheesy gem a few times on my run yesterday, but I got in six decent miles. My motivation was feeling great about having done it and being able to enjoy the rest of the day without the undone run hanging over my head and… success!

With no other must-dos yesterday, I was browsing social media and saw two friends were doing the Shun the Sun half-marathon. The Shun the Sun 10K was the first race I did three years ago and it gave me the bug big time! I did a 5K last weekend and have two more this month!

The Women’s Running Series 5K last weekend was kind of a bummer for me because it was actually supposed to be a half-marathon! Yeah, that’s a bit of a difference. I can blame a knee injury, the Indian summer, but I didn’t train how I would have liked and the day before I just realized it wasn’t worth it and dropped to the shorter race and ran it in 29:18.

I have my eyes on another half, but am holding off on registering this time! If my mantra-filled run is an indicator, though, I think I’ll be ready to do it right!

The Amazon Shopping Cart of Doom (and Other Fabulous Things)

This is a very serious post about the dangers of online shopping.  Point, click, enter 16 numbers and I get an exciting delivery just a few days later?!  Yes, please. 
But, you see?  Very dangerous.  On the bright side, I am pretty excited about the books that will soon be on their way to my front door:
After searching all the local libraries, I discovered these books are nowhere to be found and realized they’re probably best to own anyway.  I NEED strength training motivation (and variety) and have a plan for my tri, but there’s still time for tweaking.
Oh yeah, there was also a plane ticket to Las Vegas (August…bachelorette party…be jealous) and I HAD to grab that $20 at Old Navy for $10 Groupon.  It is swim suit and dress season after all!
Now that it’s out of my system, I’m good and will return to responsible adulthood shortly!