Mexican + Sweat + Staycay + Sushi + Vodka + Whiskey + Pizza = Birthday

My favorite day of the year has come and gone – it actually fell on a Saturday this year so I had a birthday weekend, a fantastic one in fact! A lot of people may claim their birthday as the best day of the year, but REALLY…there’s nothing else going on in August, so it’s nicely isolated; as a kid, you don’t have to go to school; it’s perfect for parties, although a friend who had a birthday a few weekends ago told me she has anxiety about summer birthdays because too many people are on vacation and can’t come. Anyway, it’s amazing and it’s mine and this weekend, I did everything I wanted to do.

It started with dinner with my family at Juan Jamie’s on Friday. My local family now includes my grandmother who moved from Pittsburgh in June and of course, my newish boyfriend who is getting to be a pro at the FFF.

On Saturday, I fit in a new-to-me workout at Amenzone (more on that in a future post) and did some shopping before checking into the Hotel Valley Ho for the night, an iconic little retro hotel near Old Town Scottsdale, perfect for going out at night, sleeping in in the morning and hanging out at the pool the next day, which is exactly what I had in mind.

Dinner was at Stingray Sushi with Sean, my sis and her husband…they left the babe with my mom and stayed out past 10 – new parent win! Then I met up with old and new friends at Kelly’s at Southbridge and ended the night at Gilligin’s.


I had been thinking earlier in the day that perhaps I needed to add “Do a Fireball shot” to my 30 before 30 list (yes, next year is the big 3-0) and lo and behold, two shots appeared before me by the end of the night. I pretty much handled them like a champ. There was also a lot of water involved for the night!


The next day, it was unfortunately a little hazy. Still warm and the sun did peek out a few times, so the pool day was great as well. Stacey got us hooked up with a cabana, which included drinks and some delicious snacks.

Birthday Pool

My final birthday request was Spinato’s pizza and watching Orange is the New Black to combat my Sunday night, end-of-my-birthday-weekend blues before it was back to reality. I’m actually only at work for two days this week before heading to San Diego. It’s FOR work, but working in a different environment and of course, getting away to a cooler climate, is always a nice break!


Why I hurt.

The most important news of the day is…I can’t lift my arms. My glorious return to yoga was on Tuesday and I know, I know…”practice today so you can practice tomorrow” and I really did try to take it easy, but I haven’t chaturangaed or downdogged in TWO MONTHS so obviously I was going to be feeling anything and everything.

Before that, my not-so-glorious return to yoga was a week ago. My first yoga studio sent me a happy birthday, here’s a free yoga sesh email, so I went, but I was the only one and the instructor was about 70. There’s nothing wrong with that, but since it was a totally customizeable class, I told her my neck and shoulders were tight (always) and we did a lot of stretching, some pose correction and – okay – ONE downdog. It was…interesting.

Yes, yes, my birthday was last Friday. I took the day off, ate carbs and shopped. It was pretty awesome. Apparently 28 is the age when a woman feels her sexiest. Lucky me!

Monday was exactly two months until the Tough Mudder Vegas race I may or may not be doing, but I decided it was time to get on track. I was going to push myself to workout consistently in August and get on a training schedule in September, but that first part doesn’t really work for me, so I planned out my workouts starting that very day and so far I’m four for four.

I started with three treadmill walk/run interval miles on Monday and then did it again last night. Last night I made myself finish faster (barely, but it counts) and the running felt better. Small victories! I’m definitely sore from those too though!

So, I guess the long story short of why I hurt is that I took too much time off and getting back to it is tough!

So that’s where I am and how I got here.  Where are you? How did you get there?

A Pretty Active Birthday

People with summer birthdays are brats. As someone with a summer birthday, it’s totally okay for me to say so.

Half of them (myself included) are Leos, making us predisposed to brattiness anyway, but mostly we never had to go to school on our birthdays. They were special days filled with wonderful summer things.

So, where does that leave the brats as adults? The company I currently work for actually encourages this diva behavior as well and although I went to work on my birthday (last Wednesday), I get a day off this month just for having been born! 

But, the real question is…to work out or not work out on your birthday? 

I think that birthdays birthday weeks birthday MONTHS are about doing whatever you want and this year, I surprised myself a little because I wanted to get in my run and actually attempted my first outdoor run in months. Attempted because even though it was 5:30, it was 90, so we’ll call it interval training.

Then, I left work a little early to “treat” myself to my first hot yoga class.  Happy birthday, self, now go sweat your ass off! And yes, I see the irony of complaining about a hot 20-minute run and then willingly going into a really hot 75-minute class!

[The “hot” yoga was a baby step up from the 90-degree studio at my gym, but didn’t have the humidity of a full-on hot yoga experience.]

And furthermore, DO calories really NOT count on your birthday? 

As much as I wanted cake for breakfast, turning 27 is a little different from turning 8 and I knew my tummy would not like me for the rest of the morning if I attempted that, but the THREE celebration dinners I had in the last week have been fantastic and, surprisingly, calorie-free 😉