Keratin Earth

The whispers of keratin hair treatment got to me, so I bought Keratin Earth when the Today Show offered a special deal. I researched a little first, but mostly just got the impression that Keratin Earth gave their product to a bunch of bloggers when it was released, they all loved it, surprise, surprise and then it was never heard from again.  Until now. Like I said, I wanted it, I bought it, so this is my experience with Keratin Earth.


The special was something like $30 for a 30-day supply (but there’s plenty to last through at least two more). It’s an at-home, supposedly organic treatment. Was I expecting miracles? No. Was I mostly just hoping it didn’t make my hair fall out? Yes.


Here’s the quick and stinky:


Was it easy to use? Yes.


How long did the process take? About two hours? It requires multiple showers, but my hair takes an hour to straighten, so someone who’s better at it or has shorter hair might not take so long.


Did your hair fall out or turn green? Not yet.


Did it smell delicious like they say? In my opinion, no.  Does anyone like that rotten egg/permy smell? No? Okay then. The final conditioning step wasn’t so bad, but it didn’t mask the stench from the straightening cream.


Did it make your hair soft? Yes.


Did it make your hair limp? No.


Did it make your hair straight? Well, here’s the thing…and here’s where the “quick” ends…


My issue with the bloggers who initially reviewed the product is that they were like, OMG, MY HAIR IS STRAIGHT! Well,  girl, you just spent (in my case) an hour straightening it! The initial process wasn’t necessarily easier than without it.


I got caught in the rain that night and it didn’t stay stick straight (and it really made the smell come out again), but it potentially stayed straighter and less frizzy than it would have normally. The next day, I went to spin – and again, the smell – and showered, washed my hair with their shampoo and conditioner (and I realized the shampoo has a bit of the stinky stink to it too) and straightened it again – trying to “train” it straight I guess!


The difference I did notice was that it was softer and didn’t get as oily as usual when I straighten it.  I didn’t resort to a ponytail and it still looked good after a few skipped washes. When I did wash it again and wore it naturally, guess what? It wasn’t straight! Anyone surprised? I wasn’t.


It’s my understanding that keratin defrizzes and makes hair soft and I would say that, yes, it did that. Most treatments don’t try to claim to straighten, but Keratin Earth’s Step 2 is literally called Straightening Treatment, but it’s not.


After about a week I got really sick of the smell of the special shampoo and conditioner and switched back to normal, so if that was my mistake, I will take the blame, but my ultimate review is that Keratin Earth is a harmless, but unhelpful product. It was a waste of time because it really didn’t do anything that I couldn’t have done without the extra steps and smell.

Hairy Mary

Being a gym-goer for a few years now has not by any means made me a good gym-goer. Case in point, last night I found myself at the gym for a yoga class with no hair ties. This is actually the item I forget most often (with iPod or cap and goggles tied for second place). Hair tie vending machines in the locker rooms would make a killing, even if I was their only client.

I’m not going to lie, I work out at a fancy gym (and I kind of just realized that they may actually have hair ties in the cafe where they also sell deodorant or other easily forgettable items or I could have stopped by the salon and begged one from a stylist, doh) and I just can’t quit it because it’s awesome. I go there to sweat, but often find myself people-watching the members who go there to see/be seen/hit on/be hit on or any combination.

Many of those women work out with their hair perfectly done, but let’s be honest, they’re not doing much of the working out part. However, doing yoga with no hair tie is a bad idea. It’s just obnoxious.

I found two bobby pins and my iPod headphones in my bag (not the iPod, of course) and you can guess what I attempted. Tying my hair up in an iPod cord didn’t work and all through class I was fixing the bobby pins to bun around the cord to hide that I had earbuds in my hair! Okay, so maybe I do care at least a little how I look when I’m working out.

I realized it was a losing battle and I was so damn distracted and felt like I was distracting everyone else in the class, so finally I skipped a down dog to rip the whole thing out, knowing very well that with my curly hair and the rubberyish cord, it could end up in an even bigger mess (these fears run back to elementary school days…having curly hair gives you a little baggage), but fortunately it came out pretty easily, but I had to do the rest of the class with my  hair all over the place!

I love the teacher who subbed and with t-minus three weeks to my triathlon, yoga classes are pretty scarce these days, but it was probably the worst. class. ever. I was still sweating and my arms felt like they had had a good workout, but zen and centered and calm I was not.

What have we learned from this? The value of hair ties. The need to have bunches in my car, in my gym bag, at the office. Anywhere and everywhere.

So, when I stopped at Wal-Mart this morning (don’t judge, it’s in a swanky part of town and it’s open 24 hours and it’s glorious), guess what I DIDN’T pick up?! I think I’ll have to regress to my junior high style that involved wearing scrunchies as part of my outfit.  Really.  Even if I didn’t put it in my hair all day.  Had to have.  And often I wore it above my elbow.  And if you pretend you didn’t do the same, you’re a liar!

What do you most often forget for your workouts? What is a deal breaker if you forget it?

Whip My Hair

I know this took off on the internet like months ago, but, yeah, hi, late to the party as per usual. I’ve heard the chorus and thought it was catchy but I listened to the rest yesterday and wow! Will and Jada, man, they make some talented babies.

Anyway, the reason I listened to it in the first place was because I was hoping it was the perfect lyric to describe my reaction to something a friend put on Facebook. And it was.

I have strong feelings about my hair.  It’s curly.  Always has been, presumably always will be. 

So yesterday when I saw the following post from a college classmate on Facebook:

I need a test subject! Are you a girl that has naturally curly hair but always straighten’s [sic] it? Have you had a Brazilian Blowout (BTW these are bad!)? I have a product for you to try and sample. I’ll let you try this new product if you promise to write me a review and summary of it! Let me know if you’re interested.

…my inner curly-headed bra-burner came out with this:

Hold the phone! You’ll LET me try this product that is new so, in my mind, could potentially turn my hair green and/or make it fall out in an attempt to “fix” my natural hair and perpetuate a one-dimensional standard of beauty? No thanks, I whip my hair.

See?  Strong feelings.

I’m trying to spread the curly hair pride, but out of 15 comments, I was the only one who didn’t jump on the please-torture-my-hair-and-make-me-like-everyone-else wagon! Really?! Come on, ladies!

I mean, trust me, I’ve been there.  Occasionally.  Briefly.  I’ve straightened my hair, but it’s not for me. 

It takes so long.  It takes so long that you want to keep it straight for a few days, which means you can’t sweat.  That obviously doesn’t work for me.  

When I straighten my hair, I don’t look very much like myself.  I look like a lot of everyone else.  This also doesn’t work for me.  I’ve embraced my curly hair and love that it makes me unique.  Everyone has something that makes them unique.  Embrace it and make it work for you.