Take Care of the Tootsies

Even though my 5K last week was pretty unofficial, it definitely put a little racing spark back in me and I’m ready to get going with my training and the rest of my race calendar for the season.

I had an open house and took Sunday off, then Monday, back-to-back appointments and dog mom guilt got the best of me, so I skipped my run, so on Tuesday, a momentous thing happened. I was going to go to yoga, but I decided to make up my Monday run instead. What? Who am I?

Unfortunately it was terrible. A mile in and I hated my life and I had this aha moment…

So, I settled for a two-mile run and on Wednesday went on the hunt for new new running shoes. The sales guy mentioned that New Balance uses foam for cushioning, so they are better for training than running. They’ve never bothered me during my new addiction – kickboxing – so I’ll definitely keep using them as gym shoes, but I was so thrilled to find these hot pink Asics Blurs on sale.

Now, Sports Authority could have pulled Joe Schmoe off the street, but I always tend to believe what they tell me and he said they’re light weight and good for running distances…how did he KNOW I am training for a half?! Is it like when fake psychics look for clues…maybe I look like a distance runner? Maybe a 20-something white girl trying on bright pink running shoes during her lunch break looks like she’s got something to prove?

Either way, I went with those and AGAIN picked running over yoga to test them out on Wednesday and Asic’s gel cushioning seems to really have helped. My enthusiasm for running may now continue!


And now I’m going to talk about boobs.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I just dislocated my shoulder attempting to take off a sports bra. I grabbed it from the sales rack as I walked to the check out, assuming it would fit.  Never assume. I mean, it did fit, but I’m not looking for Fort Knox level protection.

I understand that for many women, sports bras are all about function.  They have to lock and load their bad girls to be comfortable during a workout and so, with all the bra manufacturers striving to make bras that actually work (WTF?!), the simple, non-suffocating ones are hard to find!

For me, I’d just be happy with something light and comfy and pretty, like these options I was able to find at the Gap:

Can you recommend any shelf/cami bras? I’ve had luck with Vicki’s in the past, but they seem to have gone a little too utilitarian recently.  With the bras from the Gap, it seems I might have to sacrifice the sweat-wicking fabric (the one utilitarian feature I do like) for a fit that works.

Do you think about your boobs during a workout?  Are they a bother or a blessing?

My First Triathlon: What I Wore

One of my preoccupations leading up to the race was what the heck I was going to wear!  I read blogs of other triathletes, asked people I know who had done them and asked at a local tri store, but it kind of all came down to “whatever you want to wear.”

So…here’s what I wanted to wear and it worked for me.  I’m not a fan of reposting the same pictures over and over, so check out my outfits on my tri recap post.

My two-piece TYR suit was perfect for a warmish lake swim, provided a nice base and let’s be honest, it was cute!  I felt much better in that than I would have in a one-piece or tri suit and feeling good is the first step to being great! 

There is usually one big issue that women dressing for tris face.  Well, two.  That’s where I’m lucky.  I don’t bounce or flop or have any fear of poppage.  There were plenty of women doubling up with bras under their suits, but my little top stayed in place and kept the girls in place throughout all three phases.

I also wore the race-provided swim cap – pink for my wave, but a pink that totally didn’t match my suit! – and my Speedo Vanquisher “competition” mirrored goggles (competition-schmompetition, I wore them all during training too).  I couldn’t see a darn thing in the lake, but they were mostly comfortable and stayed put.

At transition one, I threw on medium-length bike shorts and a yellow tank.  The medium-length (okay medium being like, 1.5 inches maybe) was so that my thighs wouldn’t rub on my seat and the yellow top was so my mom would be able to easily spot me!  Neither were moisture-wicking fabrics so they definitely picked up the wetness from my suit and I was a little concerned about chafing, but not enough to apply body glide at transition because as a spectator sign I saw said, “Chafe now, brag later!”

I DID wear moisture-wicking, cushioned arch-compression socks.  I also wore my regular old running shoes for both the bike and the run.

Of course, on the bike I wore my helmet and on the run I wore the swag bag Headsweats visor.

So, there you have it.  As I said, it worked for me.  One wonderful thing about tris is that all the sports are pretty basic and yes, you could go all out with a tri suit and a wetsuit and a fancy bike and clip-in shoes and Vibrams, but you could also go very basic with regular training clothes and a second-hand hybrid bike and get just as much of a rush!