January (10th) Joiner

Sometimes I do loads of laundry that are just workout clothes, but for the most part, I just throw them in with everything else (regardless of color even, shh, don’t tell my mom). Then, when I fold, at least 1/3 of the load gets put in my workout drawer. Yesterday, though? There was one outfit (minus socks) and the shirt, actually, is a super soft Crossfit tee I got as a gift that I wore to bed instead of actually to Crossfit.

I think I’m doing 2013 wrong.

I got in some yoga and swimming and spinning last week, but for the most part, I was busy and then I got a touch of death on Saturday. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I never get sick and I got sick and even took my first sick day on Tuesday. Fortunately since then, I’ve been sleeping though the night and can mostly breathe out of my nose again!

I’m certain having a generally healthy lifestyle not only helped me not get sick for most of the season, but it helped me get better faster!

I’m itching to get back to training, so this morning  I packed up my lonely, little, clean workout outfit and headed to the gym after work to spend a little time with the treadmill to sweat out the rest of the death.

Confession: Before today, I hadn’t run since IronGirl. I’ve been keeping this on the DL because the only 2013 race on my calendar is RAGNAR! I am so excited about joining a team with fellow Arizona bloggers and getting to experience the race. We’re in it to finish and have fun, so I wasn’t scared to admit if I was just being lazy, but I wasn’t just being lazy.

I stopped running because after IronGirl, my foot (pinky toe side, middle, underneath) HURT! So much so that I didn’t want to run on it, so much so that it interfered with my everyday life, which is my signal to get it checked out.

So, I went to Dr. Dean at the Arizona Sports Medicine Center (he’s a runner, he gets it) and he suggested it was either tendonitis or…dun dun dun…a stress fracture, which was my big concern. It was still too early to tell from x-rays, so I was told to do everything under the sun that wasn’t running and come back in two weeks.

After a week, it actually started to feel better, only flaring up once after too much shopping (can you imagine such a thing?) and once after playing with my pup.

The second x-rays looked the same as the first, so Dr. Dean diagnosed peroneal tendonitis, likely caused from the slope of the road in Fountain Hills and said that I could go to physical therapy or just amp up my running and see how it goes. Since it was already feeling better, I opted for just going for it. Then the touch of death thing happened and that brings us again to today.

I ran two miles and the sweat was definitely a sweating out the death sweat, but I felt good and kept a good stride and my Taylor Swift dance party Pandora station lasted on just 10% battery. My foot? Currently being iced, so we’ll see how it goes. My mental block from the intimidation of not running for so long? Gone.

And now I’m ready to do 2013 right.


Happy National Running Day!

It’s National Running Day, y’all!  I hope you have selected a party outfit more appropriate than this:

I’m celebrating by…not running!  I’ve completely come back after the knee injury that bugged me after my last race and have been doing about 30 miles a week.  I’m thrilled with my runs and my paces and my fueling, but I’m running five or six days a week. 

Overtraining – especially when there’s no real purpose – isn’t smart (and have been having issues with shin splints), so I’m taking June to keep my mileage up, but take my running days down.  I’m also adding back strength training and yoga.  I think both are super important for injury prevention and to prepare me for tri training, which starts next month!

Have you run today?  If not, that’s fine, but let’s do it tomorrow!

A Creature of Habit

Running is on hiatus.  This is my pattern with injuries (another knee thing from my last race) and from what I’ve read elsewhere in bloggyland, many people deal with them the same way:

First you think you can run through an injury.

Then you can’t so you think you’ll pull back.  My pulling back meant figuring out that my “too fast, knee is trying to give out on me” pace is anything above 5.5 on the tread, so I had some lovely jogs.

Then pulling back isn’t so much pulling back.  I was still trying to work out according to my training schedule, because my interval days only call for quick quarter-miles at a time and that’s not too bad.  I worked in about half of my goal intervals on that day.

Then it affects you in your everyday life (because you’re not actually pulling back), not just while running – like yesterday I wondered if I was just using it as an excuse to be lazy, but when it hurt going down the stairs, I was vindicated – so you take an actual break.

And while on that actual break, you get a little jealous when you see other runners out taking advantage of the 65 degree, light at 5:30 kind of mornings we’re blessed with here in Arizona. 

But, you ride your bike and do some other cross-training.  Then you get actually lazy and fall into drinking beer, staying up late and sleeping through the royal wedding!  The horror!

Okay, so this might have all happened in just the past two days.  Why does two days of not running seem sooo long?  It didn’t hurt down the stairs this morning and I even did them twice because my Friday brain forgot to take our phone to work. 

Tonight is for happy hour, tomorrow is for back-to-back activities, so that means Sunday is the day.  I just decided. 

I love the fresh start of a new month.  May + me + my knee = rocking it.

Grilled Cheese

I had a point when I started, but now I’m just going to go with, please forgive me this word vomit, it’s the Monday after a glorious three-day.

It was a lot of bike rides, girlfriends, pool time, reading, potentials, sushi, wine, a dive bar, live music, shopping and family.  Be jealous.

My training has been all over the place lately.  I’m mostly following a plan to get ready for my second 10k, which will be my last race of the season.  It’s getting toasty in Arizona, so I’m kinda sitting here wondering WHY I signed up for a race in mid-May (oh yeah, to honor this man’s short life and support a few good charities).

Anyway, because I’m expecting warm to hot weather, I’m not psyching myself up too much for an awesome race.  Yes, I’ll probably PR (woohoo for being able to say that since I’m now running repeat distances!) but then again, pretty much anything would beat my first 10k performance in which I was untrained and hungover/drunk.  Hey, don’t judge, I’ve come a long way in five months!

My knee has been bugging me since Pat’s Run, which is why I’m mostly following a training plan.  I’m trying to cross train more and rest, but by rest I mean work out yesterday morning and wait until tonight to train again.  That’s a solid 30 hours of downtime for the old knee!  There’s a hip thing too.  Perhaps my sports doc was onto something when he suggested PT?

My training two-piece came in, but I don’t like the color.  It’s a great suit so I’m exchanging it.  There are children in my pool right now anyway, so I can wait until it’s so hot that only the crazy people go in the pool (or outside in general). 

For my reward for the 10k – because OF COURSE I’m still setting my goals – I’m thinking of bike accessories (Meyer needs a lock and a basket), Ironman sunglasses (because my LA/Scottsdale look while running I’m sure is pretty redic) or going big with an indoor bike trainer. 

And happy zucchini bread day!  Yeah, it’s a thing.  I was going to post the ah-mazing recipe I recently found and fell in love with (I think it’s this one with applesauce instead of the oil) and beautiful pictures of the process of making it, but then I remembered zucc bread is pretty dangerous if you don’t have anyone at home to share the loaf with AND that two of the lights in my kitchen are out and the pics coming out of there are pretty dismal.

Now can we talk about when I looked up zucchini bread day, I learned this:

I’m slightly upset there’s only five days left to celebrate this glorious occasion, but let’s be honest, ain’t no party like a grilled cheese party ’cause a grilled cheese party don’t stop.  Plus, there’s still plenty of time to go Paradise Melts truck hunting.

Come to me!

The Ugly Run

Remember that girl who ran a half-marathon less than a month ago? 

Oh hey there she is.  But, yeah, me neither.

Although I have that lovely red glow and am seemingly gasping for air singing along with my race mix, that 13.1 miles felt good! 

Earlier this week I ran just one and it felt UGLY!  My Garmin told me it wasn’t so bad, but I was half-expecting passers-by to stop and tell me that I wasn’t being chased anymore and could stop with the spastic, pained-faced running.

Note to self:  this is why you don’t take time off after a race! (Or in a perfect world, why you don’t get injured and require time off.)

Today was slightly better.  I did strength training and a mix of cross-training and running (to and from the gym) and it felt good, couldn’t get the smile off my face (which might have also had something to do with the fact that it was Friday)!

It’s definitely time to get back to it and make running feel consistently pretty again!  I want to feel race-ready again. I’m running tomorrow whether it’s pretty or not and start official training for my next race next week!

A Knee Update

As I expected (or at least hoped), my knee is bugging me because of my IT band and my doctor believes it’s because of weakness in my hip. 

His prescription is physical therapy for strengthening exercises, foam rolling to continue to lengthen the band, cross-training and…

Drumroll please…

Returning to running in two to three weeks with a slow build back to my desired weekly mileage! 

I feel much better knowing and having an action plan.  And I feel better after seeing my x-rays.  My joints look great and I’ve got a lot of miles left in these wonderful legs of mine.

Oh, and I was the youngest and most fit person in the office.  By a lot.  Oh well.

{Diagram and Iliotibial Band Syndrome information here}


Remember this girl?  The one who was all, “I’m going to make February my bitch.”  I guess I didn’t expressly say it in my new month resolution post, but my plan was to work out every day in the pretty little month of February.


My motivation didn’t go anywhere, but my common sense kicked in.  I was taking a break from running because of my knees.  I thought the pain that came on after my race would go away with rest, but resting from running is not resting.  Going about my day-to-day activities left me grimacing and the thought of working out filled me with dread.

After googling, “when should you go to a doctor for a sports injury?” I realized that the correct answer is “when you google, ‘when should you go to a doctor for a sports injury?'”

I want to get back to running like yesterday.  I want someone who understands that motivation and I want someone who will help me prevent future injuries.

So…I am seeing a sports medicine specialist tomorrow.  I picked him because his waiting room is destined to be filled with hot baseball players and golfers he works with serious athletes. 


I imagine this means he will laugh at me and say, “aww, you hurt your little knees running 13 little miles? I’m so sorry.  Now suck it up, stretch, foam roll and get a massage for that tight quad.”

One way or another, this detour is going to get back on track.