Treadmill Sweatfest

After a great 9-mile fall run yesterday, I planned out my second OTF-hack workout and was pretty excited about it…that’s always a good sign! Then my upstairs neighbors kept me up until 5 so I slept in a bit later than usual. When I finally rolled out of bed, I hit the tread for this endurance/strength/power combo day:
Treadmill intervals - Endurance, Strength, Power - OTF-hack

I was a sweaty mess! I had the whole gym to myself until literally my last 30 seconds and then someone came in and got on the tread right next to me. Don’t you hate looking like you’re leaving because of someone else?! I swear, I was finished! The 3.5 miles on the treadmill and my sweaty mess of a body were evidence enough of that! With someone there, I was too self-conscious to do my strength workout in the gym, so I headed back up to my apartment to complete this:


I timed each set to match up with the length of the cardio blocks, so I did them for 9 minutes, 8 minutes and 7 minutes, respectively. Since the first block was long-ish and I realized I was now the asshole jumping up and down on my downstairs neighbor’s ceiling (albeit at a REASONABLE time), I added in tri dips on my coffee table (10) and supermans (15).

After the cardio part, I thought, “that was hard, but I did it.” That’s a great feeling! As long as I keep pushing myself, these cardio/strength workouts are definitely going to help me maintain the level of fitness I achieved from six months at OTF.

Oh, but another hard part of at-home workouts is getting on the floor, which I don’t normally do, and seeing the dust situation under my furniture! It was hard to keep going instead of running to get my broom – but you can bet I did that as soon as my timer went off!


My OTF Hack Workout

Today I attempted my first post-OTF (RIP) gym sesh. Actually, I more than attempted it, I crushed it!

I miss OTF, but I kept OTF-style (cardio + strength interval) workouts on my training plan 2-3 times a week.

Today, I did a strength day (aka hills for days):


I don’t have access to weights right now, so for the strength blocks, I’m sticking to bodyweight exercises. I used this POPSUGAR circuit routine, doing each circuit continuously for 8 minutes:


It was a great workout, although having to pay attention to the cardio part instead of just following along was somewhat mentally challenging, but that’s kind of the appeal of this style of workout – it’s tough, but it’s short and you can get through it!

Mental Grit

On Monday, my running coworker checked in with me on my half-marathon training progress.


Twenty minutes later, a plan titled Four-Week Half Marathon Training for the Lackluster Megan landed in my inbox.  His four-day-a-week plan was very considerately built around my favorite yoga classes, using my last 10K time to determine the goal time for race day.  I’m not a huge fan of that goal time (2:24), but acknowledging that my priorities and preferences have changed since I took on this goal, I’m releasing my expectations.

My charge today was interval training…a quick warm-up, then 8 x 4 minutes at 90% effort with 3 minute walk recoveries and a quick cool down.

I was super tight from a trail run on Monday (almost four miles/60 minutes on Pinnacle Peak that barely cut the mustard with the COACH who had prescribed a 30-minute easy run), but I decided tonight was a time for some mental grit and I was just going to do it.

So I loaded up with eight hair ties – so that I didn’t lose count and also had a visual reminder of my goal – and headed to the gym at my complex.  This was an adventure in itself, but once I got over that, I was ready to work.

OPI's You Don't Know Jacques 😉

Training runs have intimidated me before, so my mantra today was that it’s just a workout.  It’s not the entirety of the twelve-week plan that I balked at before, it’s not the long run I have to do this weekend or the even longer run the weekend after that, it’s just today’s workout.

Taking the pressure off the workout and taking the pressure off myself in general seems to have done the trick.  It was a great workout and I’m enjoying my rediscovered mental grit. I feel more commandments, intentions and goals coming on!

Workout Giant: Track Workout

I don’t know why track workouts are intimidating to me.  I guess just like training and sports injuries, track workouts seemed like they were for real athletes.  But, now that I concede that I am, in fact, an athlete and since I want to improve my running, I guess need to learn to embrace the track workout.

Last week I had the chance to run my half-marathon training plan by my newest coworker, who happens to be a marathon coach/high school cross-country coach/Team-in-Training coach.  About half of our small office runs regularly, and fortunately for us, he doesn’t tire of talking about running and doesn’t mind handing out free advice!

I’m stubbornly sticking to three days a week, which he says is fine, as long as I make them count.  These speed workouts – tempos, race pace and intervals – are the shortest each week, so I’m taking a go all out, be all in attitude. 

The intervals are the trickiest part for me so I decided this time around I’d take them to the track so I wouldn’t have to deal with stoplights or be checking my Garmin for distance constantly.  On Sunday, I found myself back at high school! 

The coach suggested my interval workouts be done at about 5K pace, but that’s something I didn’t remember until I was done and had booked it on the straights, clocking one at a 6-minute pace (definitely NOT my 5K pace, or even my 1-mile pace).  And then I wanted to throw up, a measure of how good a workout is that’s usually reserved for spin class.

Even though I completed the two miles in just under 20 minutes, which isn’t much faster than my normal pace, I’m calling my first track workout a success, if just for the fact that it got me past the intimidation factor and that I’ve found a field to run on when my training calls for it!