My Funemployment List…How’d I Do?

It’s with a bit of a heavy heart I have to announce that funemployment has come to an end. I’m pretty excited about my new opportunity (I started on Monday), but a little sad to be giving up my freedom. I think that’s what they call “being an adult” or something? Or, there’s always winning the lottery.

By the numbers, here are the good things that the last two months brought me:

8 trails hiked (including 3 alpine lake swims and one summit snowfall!): Oyster Dome, Lake Ingalls, Rattlesnake Ledge, Goat Lake, Margaret’s Way, Melakwa Lake, Annette Lake, Green Mountain


Rainy Sunday at Goat Lake

6 books read: Euphoria, Love with a Chance of Drowning, Swerve, My Drunk Kitchen, Black Eyed Susans, The Santangelos

4 cities traveled to (overnights): Nashville, Phoenix, Bellingham, Hansville

5 series watched: American Horror Story (liked the first season, didn’t like/watch 2 or 3 and still working on 4), Jane the Virgin, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Walking Dead Season 4 (still working on), Law and Order SVU (the handful of seasons available on Netflix)

127.5 miles run

11 items left on the bucket list! Too many, but they’re at least made their way back to my regular bucket list…it’s what nights and weekends are for!



So, I turn 30 in 20 days…not that I’m counting. I actually don’t feel good or bad about it currently, but ask me again at crunch time and I may have a new answer.

This week, though, a mini panic did set in that I made a 30 before 30 list last July and I have not crossed many items off. I’m a crosser-offer, so obviously the next few weeks will be a rush to hit at least a few things. The first of those things was “take a pole dancing class.” Remember when that was the craze, oh like five years ago? Yeah, it’s been on various lists of mine since then, so it was time.

I went to Express MiE in Tempe for their pole-ah-tease teaser (intro) class. The studio is a mile from my parents’ house and was convenient since I was already in that part of town for my niece’s third birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. Seems like the appropriate time and place to learn to pole dance, right?

Express MiE has been in place for a while and it’s where I always figured I’d go, plus they had a Groupon for the intro class – $15 for the 90-minute sampler.  There were 11 women in the class – many came together in pairs – ranging from probably early-20s to 40s, everyone full of nervous giggles. The instructor was an ASU grad student – pole dancing is for everyone!


The 90-minute class moved quickly, from warm ups that pulled in sexy touching right away, then some sexy walking, then a quick pole routine, then a wall routine. Lots to do and learn in a short time. It ended up being fairly simple and easy – it just looks like magic when you put it all together.

Was it a workout? There were some toning moves that left me a little sore already, but there wasn’t much cardio or sweat involved. We traded off on the poles with two others and learned the short routine in mini steps, same with the wall routine. The pole was maybe 30 seconds and the wall just a little longer. At the end, the instructor did a demo of everything she’s learned in her two years dancing and it definitely looked like a workout, but it would take a while to get there.

Did I feel sexy? Yes, for 30 seconds. The touch-your-curves and t-shirt tease portions of the class started pretty much right away, so there was no time to be shy. There were no mirrors so I have no clue what I looked like. The other women, who also had no experience, looked great, so I choose to think I looked sexy too. With no dance training or real rhythm, this may be a stretch, but the whole class was about how you feel anyway!

I’m tempted to take the six-week level one class, but I have other, more challenging workouts to do. I’ll make sure to take the few sexy moves I learned with me though!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go set PRs for my half marathon and triathlon, learn to surf and read five books. BRB.

A Meggy-Do Weekend

People who constantly talk about how busy and/or tired they are kind of bug me, particularly when it turns into a contest.  I am not busier or more tired than you and I won’t play.
It seems that everyone is busy and everyone is tired, but everyone is responsible for how busy (or on the flip side, how bored) and/or tired he or she is, so what I’m screamin’ is if you’re going to complain about it, change it, but then, really, what would these people have to talk about?
I’ve been a nice amount of busy lately and although I’m not tired (thank you exercise and coffee), I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier because I know my body will thank me for it!
This weekend, however, I’m SOOO busy and have SOOO much to do.  I know I said it’s not a competition, but just take a peek at my Meggy-Do list and see if you can keep up:
Movie date with myself to finally see Bridesmaids.  I want to be Kristen Wiig when I grow up. Currently brainstorming what type of snacks to eat during this blessed event.
Two yoga classes and run, of course.  As we all know, these two things are done with a smile on my face and love in my heart.
Hang out at a trendy poolside bar with some of my favorite ladies. 
Read my latest library book.  I checked out three the other day, so I guess I have some difficult decisions to make.
Read some of the magazines I subscribe to but never seem to read.  Or don’t.
Make a list of things to do when I go to Vegas for a bachelorette party in August.
As the fantastic Vegas commercials say, “Life is short.  Summer is shorter.”  I love weekends like this when I get to soak it up!

New Month Resolutions

This blog was just a twinkle in my eye back around the beginning of the year so I was going to revisit my resolutions, but the truth is, I make lists of to-dos and goals ALL. THE. TIME.  Any day is a good day to decide to do something good for yourself, but I love the freshness of a new month. 

Over the weekend, I definitely fell into the trap of:
A.  I just ran a half-marathon, I deserve a break.
B.  I’ll get back on track in February.

Luckily for me, February was just around the corner, so I didn’t stray too far.  I love February because it’s just so little and cute!  Just 28 days, four even weeks.

What could you accomplish in just 28 days if you fully committed to it?

I’m taking a short pause from running, but plan to stay on track for my goal of 1000 miles this year, which means I’m going to log 43 miles.  This shouldn’t be too difficult considering I have four long runs of 8+ miles scheduled.  I really learned to love those during my half training and don’t want to lose that!

I’m going to climb the seven summits of Phoenix in seven days.

I’m going to focus on healthy eating, fresh foods and sensible portions.  I’m working on decreasing my body fat percentage and my body is too used to the amount of exercise I do, so I definitely have to pay more attention to how and what I eat.

I’m going to finish my January fiction book I never got through and my February fiction and non-fiction as well.  That’s a lot of reading!

I’m following a budget and contributing to my savings goals.  I’m going to write a short story.  I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone a little!

Welcome February, bring it on!

A Good Start

too cute! buy it here!

For some reason I felt a lot of pressure to start this blog on 1/11/11. But then I didn’t. And that’s okay.

There’s no perfect day to start something GOOD. January 1 is no better than March 9. Monday is no better than Thursday. The best day is the day you decide you want this GOOD thing in your life.  And who doesn’t want GOOD things in their life?

This blog as a new, GOOD thing in my life.  It’s a place to focus on GOOD things, like wellness (and if you want to know why, check out my About page) and anything else that takes up my mindspace day-to-day.

In trying to find a url for this pretty little thing, I ran into a funny little problem.  A lot of the addresses I tried were taken. Um, you mean I’m NOT the first person to think that would make an awesome name for a blog?!  Well, fine.  I conceded that someone with such an amazing idea for a blog name probably writes a pretty great blog, so off I skipped to those sites to check them out.  And NOTHING.

They literally still had the first boiler plate blog up!  That’s like getting all excited and joining a gym and paying for it monthly and sitting at home thinking about how you should go.  Should is an awful word, similar to try.  When I hear myself say either, I shudder a bit. 

When I think of should, I think of all my favorite people hanging out and then looking around and wondering, “Where’s Meg?” 

“Oh, no one called her to tell her that we’re running, eating burritos and getting massages while watching Oprah.”  (Why, yes, those are, in fact, some of my favorite things and yes, I know it would be quite difficult to do them all at once, but seriously, how awesome would it be?)

“Oops, well someone should call her.”  Too little, too late, amigos. Can we all now agree that should kinda sucks?

When you start a blog, it’s because you want to.  You have something to say and you want a place to say it.  Joining a gym is the same.  You join a gym because you want to.  You want to improve your health.  You want to look better and feel better, both physically and emotionally. 

Bucket lists, lists of new year’s resolutions, 101 lists (gosh, I love lists) are also filled with wants.  Everything is there with a purpose.

So do it, go for it, get it.  Don’t downgrade your want into a should. Get these GOOD things in your life.

Afterall, what better day is there than today?