Full Steam Ahead

You know that healthy choices are a lifestyle, not just a passing phase, when the day after an awesome triathlon you’re at the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I rested on Sunday, I ate In-N-Out and my mother’s customary post-race chocolate chip cookies (and even milk, which I have been really good at swearing off recently), but on Monday, I wanted to go to the gym. If my body said no, I would have listened, but it said, maybe just sweat a little.

I was tired after the race, but felt good and it wasn’t until Monday mid-day that my knee started to feel a little tweaked, so I decided against the yoga class I had my eye on and went for a swim instead.

A leisurely swim in the outdoor pool in my cute bikini (but still goggles and cap) – I got a sweet (not) runner’s tan sunburn on Sunday, so I figured I could raise my heart rate a little, while getting some evening-out sun, then I got out and read my new library book in the last of the afternoon warmth. It was pretty delightful.

Marquee was, in my mind, the end of race season, but it’s really not. I’m doing Pat’s Run on Saturday and a six-mile obstacle/mud run on one of my favorite holidays, Cinco de Mayo! Then I’m done. Well, maybe. I’ve still got my eye on a non-traditional triathlon in June, but that’s dependent on a few different things lining up.

I thought I’d have to focus on not losing steam for these tail end events because in the past I’ve gotten a little off track after a big race, but I really think it’s a lifestyle now.  After swimming on Monday, I got in a morning run on Tuesday and started using my hot yoga Groupon yesterday (what a great class!).

Ask me again in September when it’s been over 100 every day for three months and I might have a different answer about how physically active I am and want to be, but for now, my steam is going nowhere.


An Off Week

Last week I was going to go to yoga after work, but instead I went to Starbucks and got a coffee light frap and a chocolate croissant.  Yum.  I don’t do afternoon treats very often, which I guess is good, because I enjoy them more when I do.
In the week after my half-marathon, I decided to take a break and I let my body decide if I was going to work out.  My quads were pretty tight for a few days post-race, but other than that, my body felt pretty good so the week turned into more of a mental break, which was just as necessary!
I still had a training schedule – my next triathlon is now less than six weeks away! – but I told myself it was okay if I did them and it was okay if I didn’t.  Most of the workouts were light recovery-type seshes anyway, so I wasn’t missing any crucial training time.
My body and brain decided to run five miles on Wednesday and take Rigo to the greenbelt to run two on Sunday, but mostly my body and brain decided to read the Hunger Games series, watch Gossip Girl and lay out by the pool.
I usually have major missed-workout guilt, to an extent that I can admit sometimes is unhealthy, so relieving myself of that guilt was wonderful and probably a good reminder to not be so hard on myself.
I was a little concerned about what would happen when I wanted to get back to it, but my motivation bounced right back on Monday and I’m rocking my new training plan!


I jumped out of bed this morning at 5am – going to bed at 8:30 FTW- and rode my bike trainer for an hour. I haven’t seen a morning workout in a long time, but for some reason I decided to do today’s training sesh bright (except it wasn’t actually bright) and early.

But then a weird thing happened kind of all day long. I started to feel guilty for NOT working out after work. Mid-day, I thought about grabbing a gym bag with clothes for yoga or running or swimming, or all three so my mood could determine what I wanted to do after work.

But, why?! I already worked out today! And yesterday! And the day before!  It could be an extra workout…it could be getting a weekend workout in early.

My body would never tell me it’s had enough (well maybe in a marathon? Ironman?), but I need to remember to tell myself when it’s enough and to be kind to my body and thank it for all the awesome things it does for me. 

More please.

In case you couldn’t guess, I’m vegging tonight!  The pup will get a walk, but I’m exercising my brain a bit, maybe I’ll bake (I need to perfect my Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies I attempted for VDay) and Thursday night TV is calling my name.


It usually starts with a coworker talking about his kid’s runny nose and before you know it, half the office is out and the other half is hoarding Kleenex boxes. But not me. You see, I don’t get sick. I thank my healthy habits for that.

Except, this weekend, I was sick.   And no one even had a sniffly kid. I was the first one to get it. I really don’t know how this happened. That’ll teach me to take a rest day!

I may not get sick often, but I know how to handle it like a champ. Yesterday I big time rested and actually slept and jumped on the True Blood train and, oh yeah, there was breakfast for each meal (my comfort food), ice cream for my sore throat/sweet tooth and whiskey.  Works every time. 

I woke up feeling much better and returned to yoga this morning to twist and sweat out the last of the sick.  Now that my Steelers game is over in the worst way possible, I’m heading to the gym for my run.

Nothing At All (Woohoo Ooh)

Yesterday my training plan called for a day of rest. And. I. Rested.

Not so I only ran two miles in the morning.  Not and I went to my apartment gym and phoned it in while watching guilty pleasure TVNot even but yoga is more about my spirit, so the 75 minute practice I did hardly counts.

I. Rested. 

Yes, this is how I sleep, but no, yesterday’s rest did not include nap time.

Okay, disclaimer, I JUST remembered that yesterday was the first day of Girls on the Run practice and I ran ONE lap with them to keep them moving. 

When I got home, I was already sweaty simply from being outside and I had all intentions of at least going through a few flows on my patio (temps are still at least 100 at that time of the day, so that’s my new hot yoga space!) before rinsing off, but the rinse came first and then I found myself busy for the rest of the night.

Balance is good.  I love that a daily sweat sesh is part of my balance, but sometimes taking a day off to let everything hang loose is good too!


{Image} When I found this image, I learned that tummy sleeping is not just bad for babies, it’s bad for boobs (and necks and backs and wrinkles and snoring), but it’s so comfortable!

The Ugly Run

Remember that girl who ran a half-marathon less than a month ago? 

Oh hey there she is.  But, yeah, me neither.

Although I have that lovely red glow and am seemingly gasping for air singing along with my race mix, that 13.1 miles felt good! 

Earlier this week I ran just one and it felt UGLY!  My Garmin told me it wasn’t so bad, but I was half-expecting passers-by to stop and tell me that I wasn’t being chased anymore and could stop with the spastic, pained-faced running.

Note to self:  this is why you don’t take time off after a race! (Or in a perfect world, why you don’t get injured and require time off.)

Today was slightly better.  I did strength training and a mix of cross-training and running (to and from the gym) and it felt good, couldn’t get the smile off my face (which might have also had something to do with the fact that it was Friday)!

It’s definitely time to get back to it and make running feel consistently pretty again!  I want to feel race-ready again. I’m running tomorrow whether it’s pretty or not and start official training for my next race next week!