Grilled Cheese

I had a point when I started, but now I’m just going to go with, please forgive me this word vomit, it’s the Monday after a glorious three-day.

It was a lot of bike rides, girlfriends, pool time, reading, potentials, sushi, wine, a dive bar, live music, shopping and family.  Be jealous.

My training has been all over the place lately.  I’m mostly following a plan to get ready for my second 10k, which will be my last race of the season.  It’s getting toasty in Arizona, so I’m kinda sitting here wondering WHY I signed up for a race in mid-May (oh yeah, to honor this man’s short life and support a few good charities).

Anyway, because I’m expecting warm to hot weather, I’m not psyching myself up too much for an awesome race.  Yes, I’ll probably PR (woohoo for being able to say that since I’m now running repeat distances!) but then again, pretty much anything would beat my first 10k performance in which I was untrained and hungover/drunk.  Hey, don’t judge, I’ve come a long way in five months!

My knee has been bugging me since Pat’s Run, which is why I’m mostly following a training plan.  I’m trying to cross train more and rest, but by rest I mean work out yesterday morning and wait until tonight to train again.  That’s a solid 30 hours of downtime for the old knee!  There’s a hip thing too.  Perhaps my sports doc was onto something when he suggested PT?

My training two-piece came in, but I don’t like the color.  It’s a great suit so I’m exchanging it.  There are children in my pool right now anyway, so I can wait until it’s so hot that only the crazy people go in the pool (or outside in general). 

For my reward for the 10k – because OF COURSE I’m still setting my goals – I’m thinking of bike accessories (Meyer needs a lock and a basket), Ironman sunglasses (because my LA/Scottsdale look while running I’m sure is pretty redic) or going big with an indoor bike trainer. 

And happy zucchini bread day!  Yeah, it’s a thing.  I was going to post the ah-mazing recipe I recently found and fell in love with (I think it’s this one with applesauce instead of the oil) and beautiful pictures of the process of making it, but then I remembered zucc bread is pretty dangerous if you don’t have anyone at home to share the loaf with AND that two of the lights in my kitchen are out and the pics coming out of there are pretty dismal.

Now can we talk about when I looked up zucchini bread day, I learned this:

I’m slightly upset there’s only five days left to celebrate this glorious occasion, but let’s be honest, ain’t no party like a grilled cheese party ’cause a grilled cheese party don’t stop.  Plus, there’s still plenty of time to go Paradise Melts truck hunting.

Come to me!


Run. Walk. Honor.

While I was excited to be a part of Pat’s Run this year, I kinda scoffed at the race because I’m not a fan of “short” (distances I do on my own regularly) races, but after today, I have mad respect for short distance runners! 

Mad respect for these guys too:


The race started at 7, but just a half-mile in, it was feeling pretty toasty.  I love servicemen and women and love that these two were truly honoring Tillman.

Now, just because I scoffed at the distance is not to say I didn’t prepare.  I trained for about a month and a half to finish at my goal time and once again, even though at some points in training, it FELT like it wasn’t working, training did not let me down! 

My official time was 35:44 (and let’s all remember, the goal was 38)!

Remember when I said everyone and their mom was at the GAP last weekend?  Everyone and their mom and their grandma and their grandma’s BFF, Ethel, was at Pat’s Run! 

It was my first corralled race and it was mostly a good system, except there were definitely some hoppers, which was unfortunate.  Darting and weaving and avoiding elbows was the name of the game. 

I’m in here somewhere:


Controlling 30,000 people can’t be easy, but the race organizers did a great job and everyone (volunteers, participants) was happy to be there, which made being in a huge crowd a lot easier.  They had a reunion area and a festival with even more friendly vendors. 

My mom came along and had such fun just watching that she verbally committed to doing it next year!*

This is my reward for a job well done:

…and it should be arriving at my door in 3-5 business days.  A little early for tri training, which (spoiler alert) starts in 2.5 months, but I earned it dang it!

I’m running out of rewards for being so awesome and have my last race of the season coming up next month, any suggestions?!

*You see what I did there, Mom?  I put it in the blog, you HAVE to do it now!  C25K here you come!

I WILL Run Today

Plan A:  Four miles on Wednesday morning.

Plan B:  Two margaritas + a late (for me) bedtime on Tuesday.

Plan C:  Swap Wednesday’s miles for Friday’s cross-training.

Plan D:  Do 7:42 (yeah, seriously, SEVEN minutes…for shame!) on the elliptical then go back home, go back to bed, sleep in 45 minutes past second alarm, be 30 minutes late to work.

And that’s where we are now.  I have back-up plans for tonight as well though, don’t you worry.

Plan E:  Squeeze in the four miles before my massage, assume that the masseuse has smelled worse.

Plan F:  Stay late at work since I was late getting in, think longingly of the running shoes I have in my car and give up on the excitement of running a new route around the spa.

Plan G:  Run post-massage, which is what I was trying to avoid so that I could just be blissed out and unwind on a stupid Wednesday night. Decide to reward myself for being so dedicated to training that I gave up being blissed out, but then remember it’s officially Lent and I have successfully taken away all of my go-to rewards.  Watch Being Erica on Hulu in bed, fall asleep 15 minutes in.

But…I WILL run today.