Oh the Places You Will Go: San Diego

I will never get tired of going to San Diego. It’s a quick trip from Phoenix regardless if you fly or drive and then you’re at the beach! I spent last weekend in San Diego and could think of nowhere better to celebrate the first day of summer.

My good friend, Robin, wanted to go to San Diego to celebrate the last birthday of her 20s and who was I to say no? Last year, she celebrated 28 in Tahoe. Besides just being awesome in general, hanging out with her has some serious perks, girl knows how to party. And by party I mean pick cool places to go hang out and do the same things we would do at home – but with a beach!

I was so dedicated to this trip, I went in an hour early to work all last week to leave at noon on Friday and catch our flight. Robin found an awesome house in Mission Beach that slept enough people to accommodate everyone who trickled in and out all weekend and it was only a block to the beach and a block to Mission Bay. Everything was walkable – or as I experienced for the first time there, cheaply Uberable.

We ate Mexican food, had delicious breakfasts and hung out at the beach, played Cards Against Humanity, drank a beer (or two or three) and saw some of the nightlife.

On Saturday morning, I went running up the boardwalk and then back down on the beach itself.

June gloom morning run.

June gloom morning run.

For running, San Diego beaches > New England beaches. For beach beauty, New England beaches > San Diego beaches. But for the tie breaker, for swimming, at least during the times I was there, San Diego for the win. We stayed on the beach doing nothing and intermittently going in to dive the waves for hours.

SD June 2014

I think people who live by beaches take it for granted. When I lived close enough to Malibu, I know I did. I’d love to say if I lived in SD, I’d enjoy it all the time, but the truth is, I’d probably try to enjoy the beach, but be thinking about the other things I should be doing. That’s the glory of vacation…there was NOTHING else we had to do. I have the splotchy tan/burned/still pasty skin to show for it. (There was a serious error in judgement involving a travel-size can of spray sunscreen and the wind.)

On Sunday, I met Robin’s older sister who lives in NE San Diego County and she asked me what I did. After two days at the beach house, I couldn’t really remember what my work life was and had to seriously pause to consider the question and answer it. I’d say that’s a good sign that it was a  great vacation!


Summer Camp (for Grown-ups)

I like my job for many reasons. One big one is that I work in a small office, but I’m actually part of a huge company (I don’t really know if it’s huge, but it’s the biggest one I’ve ever worked for!) that is headquartered in San Diego, which means…trips to that office on occasion and an annual conference held in a beautiful hotel in a great location there!

Last week, I went to my third conference, which is nuts! I remember the first one…I went for just one night I think and felt like such a newbie! Now I get to stay for the whole week (whole half-week really) and feel like an old pro.

Basically, all the corporate employees and the independent sales people (more or less) we serve converge for five days of meetings and learning sessions. And then at night, there are dinners and drinks and schmoozing with names that, now that I’m not tucked away in the little office, have faces. It feels like camp and vacation and a drink the Kool-Aid convention all at once and it’s a good thing.

That beautiful hotel? Here’s my view:

SD View

Looking around the convention hall during peak times + the APP that was created JUST for the conference + branded hotel room key cards helped me realize it really is a big company and a big event.

Here are some of my uber-professional outfits from the events (a big deal because usually work is a little more casual):


There were three other options, but apparently my nude pumps from G by Guess are my fave and those Columnist pants from Express that Boyfriend helped me pick out are fantastic…like wearing yoga pants, shhh don’t tell! And, yes, I got to wear a name tag lanyard all week! Hooray!

Finally…I was able to sneak away for two runs (an improvement over last year), less than I had planned, but there were much later nights than I was expecting! I ran by the harbor and into downtown, past Petco Park.

SD Runs

P.S. San Diego, I love you.

A Total Waste of Tennis Shoes

I spent four days last week in beautiful San Diego and – total healthy lifestyle blogger fail – did not work out once!

Yeah, there are worse places to have to work.

I walked all around the hotel, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, IN HEELS and during down-time, around a little touristy village right outside the hotel, Seaport Village, and to dinners in the Gaslamp District, but my running shoes that I HAD to pack that almost tipped my carry-on into non-carry-on territory, really just went for a nice plane ride and to hang out in the closet of the hotel room. Poor things.

The trip took it out of me, but after resting (and watching The Vow) on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday ready to work out, so I headed to use big #9 of my 10 Sumits hot yoga classes…and sweat out all the alcohol that comes along with work conferences.

Oh my goodness. The alcohol.

I really didn’t drink much until I turned 21 and even then I didn’t like it much. Sure, I had my share of Margarita Mondays during senior year of college and after college, the bar across the street was the place to be and when I was actively dating, meeting over drinks was the norm and let’s face it, I’m cute, so that was AT LEAST a few times a week!

Anyway, since I started to lead a healthier lifestyle…or at least try, no one’s perfect…drinking just isn’t really on my radar. But, as you can see, when I drink, it’s in social settings, and boy was this conference a social setting.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a night that turned into a “never again” proclamation, but this week/weekend of just three nights in a row of drinking and staying up late was enough for me to make that claim! I think my body thinks it’s about 20 years older than it actually is!

When in San Diego…

This weekend, I spent 30 quick hours in San Diego at a work conference, but when I found a little opening on Friday afternoon, I couldn’t resist lacing up for a little run on the boardwalk behind my hotel. 

Temps in the 70s + sunshine + this view:

It was pretty much a no-brainer!  I’m getting back on track with my tri training and the yoga I’ve been missing tomorrow, but for now I’m squeezing out the little bit of weekend that’s left with a little romcom action…

…and summer’s ultimate guilty pleasure!