Oh the Places You Will Go: Los Angeles

Last weekend I took a fun little trip to my old stomping grounds for the wedding of a college roommate! I’m slightly bitter party of one when it comes to weddings…the travel time and expense, the bridesmaid’s dress that they make you order in a size that makes you feel fat only to come in a week before the wedding way too big and of course, there’s the wedded bliss part, but I got to take a handsome date this time and we made a fun weekend trip out of it.

We stopped at the outlets in Indio on the way and I became a brand whore, scooping up a new pair of Joe’s Jeans, a Michael Kors handbag and patent cobalt Kenneth Cole pumps. We got to LA (just) in time for the rehearsal and dinner. Don’t you just love when you see your old friends who live all over the country and you can sweep in and it feels like you just left for five minutes to go to the bathroom? Those are my favorite kind of friends!

LA Weekend2While we were driving (I was passengering) I saw on Facebook that The Spazmatics, an 80s cover band I used to love going to see was playing at a country bar I used to go to when I was in college on the weekend I happened to be nearby. Worlds colliding. After the all-day drive and festivities I did NOT want to go, but fortunately I had mentioned it to Sean so he dragged my butt to Borderline to dance like a fangirl to Jesse’s Girl. It was a lot of fun, even if most of the others there weren’t even alive in the 80s. Then I made him drive me around my old college campus. A lot has changed, but the memories are still so strong!

LA Weekend4

Saturday was wedding day and since it was at Amy’s Catholic church, it was early (so they can have their evening mass), so that meant hair and makeup was even earlier! I made like a good little LA girl and seeing the overcast and 65 degree day outside, I put on my sweater boots and got my Starbucks to prepare. I had my hair styled in what I like to call the “morning after,” a loose, low messy and piecey bun.

The ceremony was nice – a surprise for even the bridesmaids, she walked down the aisle with both her parents to Disney’s Someday My Prince Will Come…tearjerker! – and we got to sit through a lot, which was also nice because my shoes were too cute to come off at all, so I had to distribute the pain. Then it was back to the hotel on the London double-decker bus for the party. There was a cocktail hour outside and the weather actually cleared up and was pretty great.


It ended up being a really fun night. I love weddings where guests actually want to dance and enjoy staying past when the DJ tries to kick them out v. a few I’ve been to where everyone’s checking their watch and wondering when they’ll cut the cake so they can leave! We did get kicked out for the time limit on the banquet room and ended up across the street at a pool hall.

Sunday was for…sleeping in! And more shopping. I scored last year’s Mizuno Wave Riders for $40! I’ve always wanted to try Mizunos and/or Brooks, so I’m excited to check them out – they’re in my bag for the gym later!

Finally, I was NOT leaving California without visiting the beach, so we drove out to Malibu and drove up PCH to Neptune’s Net, a cool little fish shack basically. Or if you’re my boyfriend – that place from the first Fast and Furious. Or if you’re Pink, just a cool place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

 LA Weekend11LA Weekend5LA Weekend6 IMG_1844

LA Weekend

We jumped across PCH to the beach and walked up and down for a little bit, popping the little seaweed bubbles and trying to figure out how to transplant our condo to Malibu the kite surfers. That was far more interesting than driving home, so we didn’t make it back until midnight and I’m still playing a little catch up, but I loved the whole trip so it was well worth it!

LA Weekend7

Damn, I look good on the beach, might be time to move back!


Weddingpalooza Wrap Up

As happens, my workout mojo ebbed and flowed throughout last month. Add to that being busy and then burnt out by weddingpalooza and dealing with some personal issues (workouts are great for my emotions, but sometimes emotions make it hard to get moving) and my training plan for October ended up looking like this (X means I did it, crossed out or circled means, oops, I skipped it):

For. Shame. BUT, let’s focus on the positive. My top three workouts in October were:

#3: The Vinyasa II class I took last week. Wasn’t feeling it, but I ended up being so glad that I went and even though I haven’t practiced much lately, my body hasn’t forgotten too much.

#2: My first post-tri swim once I finished my antibiotics for the nasty ear infection I got from swimming in lovely Tempe Town Lake. I love swimming!

#1: Running in Seattle! I was able to get out the morning of the wedding and did a little running tour of the U Dub campus. It was brisk, but the sun was shining and it was actually fall. I always find it easier to run in a new area. I was so busy looking around I didn’t even notice my pace was pretty legit for the 3.5 miles I was out!  Here are a few pics I took while I was out:

My 10K is on Sunday and I feel about 70% prepared.  I’m counting on a race day high and my stubbornness for the other 30%.  After that’s over, I’ll work on what’s next…well, I’ll decide what’s next and then get moving!

City Love: Seattle Edition

I LOVE SEATTLE. That is all.

Okay, that’s not actually all.

I visited Seattle for the first time as a senior in high school when I was thinking about going to college there. I ended up in beautiful (for different reasons) Thousand Oaks, California instead because the Cal Lu campus just felt right for me…and it was, but I knew it was far from over between me and Seattle.

My favorite things about Seattle are:
1.  Hills (although that might change after I attempt to run them)

2.  The “city feel” that Phoenix and LA are missing because they’re so spread out.

3.  Cozy, overcast days (I would probably never get anything done if I lived there…except A LOT of reading)

4.  Seattle Aquarium and the otters and seahorses.

5.  Pike Place Market and the way the donut stand smells and the apples taste.

6.  That when it’s sunny, which it has been on more of my trips there than not, everyone is so happy and talks about how beautiful it is. I’m led to believe that this has given me a skewed view of the actual weather sitch in the city, but I’ll take it.

7.  Coffee, coffee, coffee

8.  That my friend Lisa is getting married there this weekend!  Lisa and I are good friends because she crouches down to my height when we take pictures together we lived together senior year in college and she taught me to love margaritas.

Yes, this weekend is weddingpalooza part two. As all bridesmaids know, weddings are not just weddings, they are rehearsals and dinners and primping seshes and brunches, but with just 56 hours in Seattle, no excuses, I’m cramming it all in to soak up my city love.

I’m staying in the University district, which is something new to me.  I’ve driven through on past trips, but I’m excited to stay there and get a new perspective 😉  The cute boutiquey hotel I’m staying at loans out bikes for exploring, how awesome is that?!

I’m also excited that last week I won a gift certificate from Rachel Wilkerson to GrubHub!  The service is established in Seattle, but not Phoenix (yet).  How’s that for timing?  I learned after my sister’s wedding that post-party take-out is pretty much the best thing ever. Thanks Rachel and GrubHub in advance for sponsoring the bridesmaids’ late night munchfest!

Pretty Active During Weddingpalooza

Weddingpalooza, as I’m referring to October, is truly not that crazy. It’s two weddings, two weeks apart, but I’m in both, so there are a bunch of other activities and commitments (and travel for one of them) involved.

This Saturday, my sister is getting married, and the “events” start today. We’re talking five straight days of Forced Family Fun. I’m still working today and tomorrow and still GOTRing tomorrow, so now the tricky part is to figure out how to keep training a priority when there are pampering seshes to be had, family to love on and champagne to drink. Gosh, what a tough life!

I specifically picked the Nathan Tri because it was at the end of September and I wouldn’t have to try to do any serious training during October, but I am still moving toward my next 10K, which is also turning into the beginning of my next half-marathon training.  More importantly, I know myself enough to know that I need some kind of daily physical activity to feel like a sane person, particularly when things get busy!

So, this week is going to be about balance.  A little slack, but no excuses.  Morning sweat is a must…then let the fun begin!